Ford Readies North America’s Freshest Lineup by 2020 with Onslaught of New, Connected Trucks, SUVs and Hybrids

  • Building toward a prophesy of intelligent vehicles in a intelligent world, Ford is revamping a lineup, building on truck, SUV and blurb strengths, investing in new thrust and delivering full connectivity to pave a proceed for over-the-air updates and a Transportation Mobility Cloud
  • Ford code targeting North America’s freshest lineup among full-line makers by 2020, replacing some-more than 75 per cent of a stream portfolio and adding 4 new trucks and SUVs
  • All-in pull on hybrid-electrics to move new capability and facilities to business on high-volume, essential vehicles like F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and Bronco; battery electric car rollout starts in 2020 with opening application and 6 BEVs by 2022
  • Ford announces Ford Co-Pilot360™, a package that includes customary involuntary puncture braking, blind mark warning and other motorist support features
  • Redesigned classification and product expansion complement heightening concentration on business and marketplace insights to conclude bets; new collection and record to urge speed-to-market by shortening sketch-to-showroom and changeover time, adding to a company’s bottom line

DEARBORN, Mich., Mar 15, 2018 – Ford is revamping a lineup, building on truck, SUV and blurb strengths, investing in new thrust and delivering customary connectivity on new vehicles, paving a proceed for over-the-air updates and a Transportation Mobility Cloud, an open height that will commission tomorrow’s mobility systems.

By 2020, Ford will offer North America’s freshest lineup among all full-line automakers, with a normal salon age dropping from 5.7 to 3.3 years as it replaces three-quarters of a lineup and adds 4 new trucks and SUVs.

Ford is going all-in on hybrids, charity business some-more opening and capability nonetheless portion as a sidestep opposite aloft gas prices. All new Ford vehicles will have 4G LTE connectivity by a finish of 2019. Ford is also introducing Ford Co-Pilot360, a new driver-assist record package with customary involuntary puncture braking and helps strengthen from a front, behind and sides.

“Our passion for good vehicles is stronger than ever,” pronounced Jim Hackett, Ford boss and CEO. “This salon mutation will disturb customers, expostulate essential expansion and offer build toward a destiny of intelligent vehicles in a intelligent world.”

Where Ford is Playing

Ford is strengthening a position in a following segments: trucks, SUVs (including off-road and opening versions), hybrids, battery electric vehicles and blurb vehicles.

Trucks: Since a 2014 entrance of a new F-150 with a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body, Ford has gained 1.3 commission points of share in a full-size pickup segment. Average F-Series transaction prices lead a shred – adult $6,700 per car given 2014 – given of high-end versions like Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. Ford’s F-Series revenues alone are aloft than revenues of Fortune 500 icons such as Facebook, Coca-Cola and Nike.

Ford’s lorry business will continue flourishing as a association adds new models and powertrains with an eye toward continued expansion in high-end trims. Some highlights include:

  • 2018: New 3.0-litre Power Stroke® diesel engine for F-150, updated chronicle of a renouned F-150 Raptor
  • 2019: Ranger earnings to midsize lorry segment; new F-Series Super Duty debuts
  • 2020: New F-150 debuts with new hybrid powertrain featuring a mobile generator

SUVs: By 2020, Ford estimates SUV sales could comment for 50 per cent of U.S. attention sell sales – one reason Ford is reallocating $7 billion in collateral from cars to SUVs. By 2020, Ford skeleton an industry-leading lineup of 8 SUVs – 5 of that will offer hybrid powertrains and one battery electric. Ford SUV sales are estimated to grow 20 per cent – some-more than double a attention rate – to some-more than 950,000 by 2020, according to LMC Automotive, and transcend 1 million by 2021.

After recently introducing an all-new indication during any finish of a SUV spectrum – a subcompact EcoSport and full-size Expedition – Ford’s subsequent pull is in a top volume SUV segments. Entirely new versions of a Escape and Explorer entrance subsequent year; combined, these dual models make adult 70 per cent of Ford’s SUV volume.

Ford also skeleton to expostulate expansion with dual all-new off-road models: a new Bronco and a yet-to-be-named off-road tiny application – both designed to win a flourishing series of people who adore removing divided and spending time outdoor with their families and friends.

“Ford helped start a off-road materialisation and has majored in off-road capability for decades – from a Bronco to a Raptor,” pronounced Jim Farley, Ford president, Global Markets. “Now, we’re prepared to retrieve a legitimate place as a off-road car leader.”

Ford also will grow a lineup of opening SUVs. Two additions to a Ford Performance lineup embody a all-new Edge ST after this year, and an Explorer ST will shortly follow. These dual new SUVs will assistance Ford Performance broach on a guarantee of 12 new models by 2020, and will assistance extend a division’s growth, that has risen 81 per cent in a final 4 years.

Ford Performance sales are on lane to grow another 71 per cent by 2020, driven by SUVs.

Next-Gen Hybrid Electrics: Part of Ford’s new devise includes going all-in on variety to move some-more capability to business of a many renouned and high-volume vehicles like F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and Bronco – and offer as a sidestep for business opposite aloft gas prices.

Ford’s new variety will offer business some-more space than today’s hybrids. On a F-150 Hybrid, Ford will gaunt in to capability, such as a low-end torque for additional pulling energy and a fact it can offer as a mobile generator. Mustang Hybrid will be all about delivering V8-like opening with some-more low-end torque.

“Hybrids for years have been mostly niche products though are now on a fork of a mainstream breakout,” Farley said. “The profitable capability they offer – and fuel potency – is because we’re going to offer hybrid variants of a many renouned and high-volume vehicles, permitting a loyal, ardent business to turn advocates for a technology.”

Ford’s new hybrid complement is designed to be some-more fit and rebate costly than prior generations. These revoke costs – achieved by supply bottom relationships, regulating common dungeon and member pattern and by prolongation motors, transmissions and battery packs – with a goal of obscure cost of tenure for customers.

Battery electric vehicles: Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) paint some-more than a opposite powertrain – they paint a lifestyle change for consumers, generally for those who have never driven an electric vehicle.

That is because Ford’s devise includes rethinking a tenure knowledge so it is some-more seamless than with today’s gas-powered vehicles. That means creation charging an free knowledge during home and on a highway as good as charity full-vehicle over-the-air module updates to raise capability and features.

“Throwing a horse in a case of a car and promulgation business on their proceed isn’t adequate to assistance foster a viability of electric vehicles,” pronounced Sherif Marakby, clamp president, Autonomous and Electric Vehicles. “In offer to expanding a electric car lineup, we are redesigning a tenure knowledge to safeguard it addresses patron pain points that now reason behind extended adoption today.”

Ford’s BEV prolongation devise will be some-more efficient. The association will separate building space for final public operations and revoke collateral investment 50 per cent. A projected 30 per cent alleviation in work potency will concede Ford to redeploy employees to do other jobs, including public of battery packs (which are routinely costly and formidable to ship).

Ford’s new opening battery electric application arrives in 2020. It is a initial of 7 electric vehicles entrance by 2022 as partial of a company’s $11 billion tellurian electric car investment.

Commercial vehicles: Ford, a usually full-line code with offerings that widen from Class 1 to Class 7, has a autocratic 38 per cent share of a U.S. blurb car market. Last year, it sole some-more CVs than a second, third and fourth place competitors combined.

To continue building on a blurb car leadership, Ford skeleton to:

  • Debut a new Transit with 4G LTE connectivity, entrance in 2019
  • Extend prolongation of a E-Series cutaway and nude framework into a 2020s
  • Offer Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Driver Alert System and some-more on destiny E-Series, F-650, F-750 and F59 framework products

Ford progressing this year introduced new versions of a Transit Connect Cargo Van and Transit Connect Wagon, with both nearing during dealerships after this year.

Designing a improved PD system

While delivering this new car portfolio, Ford is invariably improving a operational aptness by augmenting product speed to market, improving peculiarity and offer shortening complexity, and shortening cost. Driving improvements are a company’s new structure and new collection and technologies that expostulate even some-more human-centered designs.

Ford’s new classification is designed to safeguard association leaders perspective marketplace and informal final holistically to confirm that vehicles and facilities business value most.

This drives some-more vital and fit investments, instead of perplexing to prove particular marketplace requests. The efficiencies advantage a association and particular regions like North America.

Ford also is relocating to stretchable car architectures and some-more common collection opposite models, slicing new product expansion time – from blueprint to play salon – by 20 per cent. This is assisting Ford grasp a joining to broach $4 billion of engineering efficiencies. The association intends to have a many fit Product Development classification among full-line automakers within 5 years.

Ford’s 5 stretchable car architectures – body-on-frame, front-wheel-drive unibody, rear-wheel-drive unibody, blurb outpost unibody and BEV – are interconnected with procedure “families” that residence a energy pack, electrical container and car configurations. Seventy per cent of any vehicle’s engineering will be driven from this new design approach, with 30 per cent of calm – including grilles, hoods, doors and some-more – customized for any vehicle.

For instance, as some-more vehicles turn connected, new analytics collection will uncover that car technologies business use many often. This new data-driven discernment will assistance establish that facilities to grow and deposit in and that to eliminate, shortening prolongation complexity, improving pricing, shortening incentives and building income over time.

Simplification is another pivotal aspect of a plan. Ford already has reduced orderable combinations on Ford SUVs by 80 per cent given 2014, including a 97 per cent rebate on a new Edge entrance after this year.

New prolongation collection and technologies: Increased use of protracted and practical existence are assisting revoke Ford’s plant changeover time by an estimated 25 per cent, that adds an normal $50 million to a company’s bottom line per changeover.

Simulating several prolongation processes and public line configurations in a practical universe helps brand potentially dangerous maneuvers and fine-tune workflows before construction even begins, saving an estimated 20 per cent of production cost on any car program.

The association also is augmenting a use of collaborative robots that can perform jobs fast and repetitively, assisting revoke a risk of damage to employees, pardon them adult for some-more high-value jobs and improving a company’s bottom line.

“We’re looking during each partial of a business, creation it some-more fit and ensuring that each movement we take is driven by what will offer a business in a proceed that supports a aptness and opening goals,” pronounced Joe Hinrichs, president, Global Operations.

Note: Average salon age formed on Ford inner estimates and Bank of America Merrill Lynch Car Wars 2018-2021 report.