Ford Motor Company has made a promise to “Go Further” – its pledge to contribute to a better world for customers, employees, suppliers and their communities. It’s a vision to inspire things that people might not expect from an auto manufacturer. It’s not just about selling vehicles. It’s bigger than that. It’s a commitment to positively impact as many people as possible, and a big part of that involves looking inward to improve the workplace for Ford employees around the world.

Today Ford of Canada was placed on the list of the top 100 employers in the country, joining an esteemed group of organizations that have made improving work life a priority. This award is as much a reflection on the strength of our employees as it is on our commitment to their success.

A focus on employee engagement

Canada’s Top 100 Employers is an annual ranking that recognize the country’s top employers. Editors that select the companies to highlight based on stringent selection criteria related to workplace atmosphere, physical spaces, offered benefits and time off, employee training opportunities and the companies’ involvement in their communities.

Photo of Nelly Cusan, eBusiness manager at Ford in Oakville, ON

The Ford offices in Oakville, ON, have an on-site gym popular among employees.

Nelly Cusan, eBusiness Manager at Ford, isn’t surprised by the recognition. She’s been having a great time taking advantage of self-improvement courses and physical fitness programs offered by the company.

“I recently took a ‘Mindfulness’ training course and it is now part of my daily routine and helps me get through my busy schedule and still focus on my personal life,” Cusan said. “I’m a strong advocate of physical fitness and having the opportunity to go to the gym, take a spin or yoga class at lunch and then being able to go home at night, refreshed…is a huge positive for me.”

Growing and improving together

Ford of Canada is only as strong as the employees who work within our walls. We have focused on not only on creating a better work environment – one with flexible work schedules and meditation rooms – but also one that gives our employees a chance to grow. Our tuition refunds programs and training programs, as well as employee development committees, have helped us to focus on individual employees and develop their unique talents.

This constant improvement also includes growth through mutual support of the community around us. Ford of Canada supports charities in the community and – more importantly – gives employees the chance to give back through volunteer days.

Long history of finding balance

The acknowledgment of these efforts from the world outside Ford shows the company is on the right path, but Go Further is an extension of the work it has been doing to improve workers’ lives since the very beginning. As far back as 1914, Ford started paying factory workers around double what others made in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Then in 1922, Henry Ford’s son and company president Edsel was one of the first to give his employees both weekend days off, moving from a six-day workweek to five. “[Everyone] needs more than one day a week for rest and recreation,” he said at the time. “The Ford Company always has sought to promote [an] ideal home life for its employees. We believe that in order to live properly [everyone] should have more time to spend with [their] family.”

In the century that has followed, the focus has always been on strengthening that balance.

Photo of Jamie Rae, retailer marketing strategy manager at Ford in Oakville, ON

Jamie Rae, Retail Marketing Strategy Manager at Ford of Canada, at his desk in Oakville.

“It’s been really amazing to experience the way Ford of Canada has evolved over my career, especially in terms of work-life balance,” says Retail Marketing Strategy Manager Jamie Rae. “The people I work with know and respect the need for balance. We work hard for our dealers and our customers but at the same time are able to be there for our families and other activities we value outside of the workplace.”

A dedication to employees at all levels

This dedication to employee engagement and work-life balance starts at the top. “We are proud of the fact that Ford of Canada is being recognized in the national media as an exceptional place to work,” said Dianne Craig, President and CEO, Ford of Canada. “We have worked hard to cultivate employee engagement at Ford because we know that it correlates with business success. This honour validates our progress and motivates us to continue our journey toward being Canada’s most trusted and admired brand.”

It’s this teamwork and spirit in Ford employees at all levels that helps make Ford of Canada one of the top 100 companies to work in the country. For more information on why Ford was awarded this designation, you can refer to the editors’ Reasons for Selection.