Back in his Fresh Prince days, Will Smith famously rapped “Parents just don’t understand.” While that still may be true for most parents, it certainly doesn’t apply to this lady.

Meet WorldHipHopMom.

We recently came across her work – which you can see in the video above – and were simply amazed. She spits rhymes dedicated to the Ford Flex in the self-produced clip.

We posted the video on our Facebook page, and shared it across our social platforms. Needless to say, the reaction was very positive, so much so that we even paid her a visit in Vancouver to learn more about her story and give her family some Ford Flex-related gifts. After all, it’s not everyday you meet a rapping mom!


Working in public relations and marketing for some time, WorldHipHopMom (WHHM) eventually came to the realization that the career was not for her. She wanted something more. “(I) admitted to myself I wasn’t truly fulfilled and there was something else I was meant to be doing,” she said.

After doing some soul searching that included spirituality, books, a life coach, and networking groups, she finally settled on hip-hop. She wanted to bring her own flavour to the genre, and that included a motherly, “conscious” angle. “I felt and continue to feel that rap music today is lacking inspiration and meaning,” she said.

Her husband Sean produces music in his spare time, so being a mom who raps was an easy fit. Over time, her performances have grown from rapping for friends and at preschools, to rapping at conferences and festivals.

Flex with the best

WHHM, now a mother of three girls, filmed her Ford Flex dedication last holiday season. She was pregnant at the time and discussed with her husband the need to have a vehicle that could accommodate a larger family.

“Since we are already owners of a Ford Fusion, we figured it made sense to stay in the Ford family and exchange our car for the Flex,” she said. “I’m not sure exactly when I got the idea, but I told Sean I wanted to write a rap song about how blessed we would be to be owners of a new Ford Flex.

“There’s no question that the Flex is perfect for our family in terms of its look, functionality and classiness – I wouldn’t consider rapping about any other car!”

Sean found the right beat for her rhymes and the rest was history. They wrote, recorded and produced the song/video within a few weeks.

What’s next?

When it comes to the future, WHHM has some high hopes.

“I would like to collaborate with an established music producer who knows what it takes to create popular, mainstream rap music and who supports my desire to write conscious and motivational songs, instead of the club hoppin’ material songs that mostly exist today.”

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