Five Ways Chevrolet Builds Strength into Silverado

Five Ways Chevrolet Builds Strength into Silverado

From clever frames to modernized small-block engines, Chevy trucks are built to last 






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Oshawa, Ontario (Monday, Oct 20, 2014) – Chevrolet Silverado is from a family of a many dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on a road. That continuance is subsequent from strength in all from a substructure on that a lorry is built to a engine that pulls it down a road.

“The Silverado is designed to support a needs of a lorry business over a whole lifetime of their ownership,” pronounced Michael MacPhee, code manager, Chevrolet in Canada. “New EcoTec3 technologies make a new Silverado some-more fit and capable, building on 60 years of continual improvement.” 

The 2015 Silverado’s strength can be totalled by 5 core elements:

1. Fully Boxed Frame

Silverado’s entirely boxed support – including categorical rails and vital cranky members done from high-strength steel – provides a firm bottom for limit hauling capability, glorious crashworthiness and a longevity lorry business demand.

The support comprises 3 sections: front bay, midst brook and back bay. The front support brook uses hydroformed side rails for optimal strength and reduce weight. Pioneered by General Motors for full-size trucks 15 years ago, a routine uses rarely pressurized liquid to figure a support rails, creation them stronger and lighter than allied welded multi-piece components.

The side rails of a frame’s center brook are assembled of dual pieces of high-strength steel welded to form a stout box design. The front bay’s hydroformed rails trip inside a boxed sections of a center brook 240 mm (9.4 inches ), formulating a bend-resistant firm structure, while a rear-bay boxed rail sections are assimilated to a center brook with an overlapping, shingle-type construction. A frame-integrated join enables limit trailering capability right from a factory.

Engineers certified a frame’s strength in a lab and in a field. In a lab, Silverado prototypes were mounted by their circle hubs on a simulator that shook and disfigured them with impassioned intensity. Outdoors, they were driven over a accumulation of severe surfaces and swells – including torturous “truck blocks” – inducing healthy frequencies and real-world pushing conditions that don’t start in a lab.

2. High-Strength-Steel-Reinforced Body Structure

Silverado’s physique structure, that facilities advanced, high-strength steels, complements a entirely boxed support to lift a strength and reserve performance. High-strength steel contributes to Silverado being a usually full-size pickup to acquire a 5-Star altogether rating in supervision pile-up tests.

Approximately 67 percent of a cab is assembled with high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels. They’re used in a A-pillars, B-pillars, rockers and roof rails, as good vital sections on a interior structure. Ultra-high-strength steel is used in areas of a rocker panels and underbody to assistance urge pile-up performance.

High-strength steel can be adult to 30 percent lighter than CO steel with a same strength, charity poignant mass assets during a reduce cost than aluminum, that helps keep down a altogether automobile cost. Lower weight translates to larger potency and capability for lorry owners.

3. Tough Cargo Box and Tailgate

Silverado has a industry’s many innovative bucket box and ancillary features, including two-tier loading, customary integrated bucket tie-downs, accessible tractable tie-down hooks, ergonomically done handholds built into box rail protectors and a CornerStep, that enables easier climbing entrance to a box and to collect equipment from it.

The Silverado’s bucket box building is done of roll-formed steel that’s stronger and lighter than required hammered steel. Lower weight helps control a truck’s altogether mass, that enhances efficiency, while a stronger steel bolsters a box’s durability.

The roll-forming routine takes a prolonged frame of steel and passes it by a set of rolls, any behaving partial of a preferred hook until a final figure is reached. The routine allows a use of higher-strength steel, since a steel does not need to be done as many as it does during a required stamping process. The routine also generates reduction scrap.

Additional elements that enhances a bucket box’s strength include:

  • Spray-on mill insurance on a outward of a box offers softened paint insurance and gnawing insurgency  
  • Available, bureau spray-on bedliner helps strengthen a bed when hauling cargo
  • Box rail protectors are incorporated along a tip of a box sides and opposite a tip of a tailgate to strengthen those areas from damage.

The Silverado’s tailgate was subjected to a bucket temperament exam during growth to assistance safeguard it is clever adequate for only about anything business will chuck during – or on – it. The exam enclosed dropping a 181 kg (400-pound) bucket in a strong area on a tailgate to exam a strength and continuance of a tailgate panel, torque rods and cables.

The accessible EZ Lift-and-Lower tailgate eases bucket loading. An inner torsion bar reduces a bid to lift and reduce it a tailgate, while a rotary check allows for a tranquil and some-more light obscure suit during opening.

4. Advanced Small-Block Engines

With a ability to work on 4 cylinders during light bucket driving, Silverado’s 5.3L EcoTec V-8 offers a best fuel expenditure rating – during 10.3 L/100km on a highway –of any lorry V-8. Yet this same engine builds on some-more than 100 million engines’ value of experience. The Chevrolet’s small-block has been a heart of Chevy trucks for 60 years – and a engine on that generations of lorry business have depended.

The 2015 Silverado 1500 lineup facilities a contingent of fifth-generation small-blocks:

  • A 4.3L V-6 SAE-certified during 285 horsepower (212 kW) and 305 lb-ft of torque (413 Nm) – a many torque of any customary V-6
  • A 5.3L V-8 SAE-certified during 355 horsepower (250 kW) and 383 lb-ft of torque (519 Nm). With a  highway fuel expenditure rating of 10.3 L/100km (2WD), it offers a best fuel potency of any V-8 pickup, and beats a fuel economy estimates of a Ford EcoBoost V-6
  • A new 6.2L V-8 offers a many absolute engine in any light-duty pickup truck, with SAE-certified 420 horsepower (313 kW) and 460 lb-ft of torque (623 Nm).

Each engine facilities approach injection, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) and non-static valve timing for power, torque and potency opposite a extended operation of handling conditions. Additionally, a proven cam-in-block pattern of a small-block family is reduction formidable and some-more compress than overhead-cam designs, while providing glorious low-rpm torque – a pulling energy lorry business need when starting off with a installed bucket box or trailer. 

5. Long-Lasting Duralife™ Brake Rotors

All Silverado 1500 models have customary four-wheel front brakes with new Duralife™ stop rotors that offer adult to double a use life. They lift braking performance, too, interjection to a GM-exclusive routine that protects opposite decay that, over time, can lead to steering circle shudder.

The routine involves super-heating a rotors to some-more than 560 C (1,000 degrees F) for an whole day in a special oven, where a nitrogen-rich atmosphere promotes nitrogen atoms to bond to a rotors’ surfaces, hardening and strengthening them.

The large, vented front stop rotors magnitude 330 mm (13 inches) in hole and are complemented by 345 mm (13.6-inch) back rotors, that capacitate confident, sure-footed braking opening even with a entirely installed bucket box or when trailering. An engine-driven opening siphon enhances braking capability, too, by larger stop complement boost.

Silverado also facilities Auto Grade Braking, that uses a engine and delivery controls to delayed a automobile on a prolonged downgrade, assisting say automobile speed and shortening a need for a motorist to use a brakes. 

The Silverado’s continuance is corroborated by a longest powertrain guaranty in Canada, with 5 years or 160,000km.

About Chevrolet in Canada

Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of a world’s largest automobile brands, doing business in some-more than 140 countries and offered some-more than 4.9 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides business with fuel-efficient vehicles that underline energetic performance, fluent pattern and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found during, on Facebook during or by following @ChevroletCanada on Twitter.

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