First-ever practical “SCOPES Driven by Porsche”

From 1 Aug 2021, SCOPES will underline a accumulation of moving stories including documentaries, workshops, podcast series, interactive live panels and talks, to inspire exchanges and dialogues on what a destiny in Southeast Asia could demeanour like, with visionaries and driven people assisting to figure a narrative.

The themes that are executive to SCOPES are secure in values that make adult a Porsche DNA, and are concurrently really benefaction in a Asian zeitgeist – a pioneering suggestion in peace with tradition, design, and sustainability.

The Taycan is Porsche’s initial all-electric sports car, embodying a brand’s hallmark values of pioneering spirit, pattern and sustainability.

“With SCOPES as a platform, we wish to foster a sell of ideas in a immature artistic scene. We started in a metropolises of Berlin, Amsterdam and Tokyo,” says Ragnar Schulte, Director Experiential Marketing during Porsche AG. “Now a tour continues in Southeast Asia, one of a many opposite and innovative regions in a universe that fascinates and inspires.”

Uniting a region’s driven people

The visible instruction of SCOPES was tangible by Theseus Chan, an internationally eminent striking artist from Singapore. SCOPES also invited 4 superb women of a arts, Narelle Kheng, Ramengvrl, Jess Connelly, and Suboi, who will share their journeys in posterior their dreams while violation out of informative norms. SCOPES will yield a height for them to share their stories and to commission other womanlike artists with identical ambitions in a industry.

The visible instruction of SCOPES has been tangible by Singaporean engineer Theseus Chan, one of 4 abroad artists, comparison to furnish artworks for a Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The initial practical book of SCOPES driven by Porsche will move together a village of Southeast Asian trailblazers like Singaporean musician Narelle Kheng.

Born and lifted in a collateral city of Indonesia, Jakarta, Putri Soeharto or famous with her theatre name Ramengvrl is one of 4 eminent women of a humanities invited by SCOPES to share their journeys in posterior their dreams.

RB thespian Jess Connelly joins SCOPES from a Philippines with a idea to commission other Asian womanlike artists with identical ambitions in a industry.

Suboi, famous as Vietnam’s “Queen of Hip Hop,” who famously rapped with former U.S. President Barack Obama while he beatboxed, will interpretation a choice on a high note with an initial documentary. It is about her multi-layered celebrity as good as her artistic visions and inspirations.

Over several weeks, Green Is The New Black, Asia’s initial ever unwavering festival and platform, will expostulate conversations by hosting sustainability live row discussions with suspicion leaders and attention experts in food, fashion, and civic communities. There will also be a preview of “The Naked Arctic Adventure”, a documentary that chronicles Green Is The New Black founders, Stephanie Dickson, and Paula Miquelis, on their speed to a Arctic Circle.

One of a films, patrician “Art in a field: A demeanour behind a art curation during Wonderfruit,” will try a curation and partnership with several artists to pattern a festival that is secure in sustainability.

In a array on Wonderfruit, a transformational festival in Thailand, SCOPES will showcase a village of driven people who are moulding a destiny with their innovations in art and architecture, food, wellness, and music. One of a films, patrician “Art in a fields: A demeanour behind a art curation during Wonderfruit” will try a partnership with several artists to pattern a festival that is secure in sustainability.

A place for artistic exchange

1880, a amicable bar innate of a idea that conversations make a universe a improved place, will yield a connection for dialogues between ardent people from opposite walks of life. Under a thesis “Driving Tomorrow”, a array will share their stories told from their possess lens. Among them are Anna Haotanto, owner of The New Savvy, Asia’s heading financial and career height for women, Ayesha Khanna, co-founder and CEO of an synthetic comprehension advisory firm, as good as her father Parag Khanna, a heading tellurian plan confidant who has been an confidant to a U.S. National Intelligence Council, and author of “The Future is Asian: Commerce, Conflict Culture in a 21st Century”.

Dr. Parag Khanna, author of The Future is Asian, and Dr. Ayesha Khanna, CEO of ADDO AI, plead how to emanate a absolute bequest as partial of a array “Driving Tomorrow”, constructed in partnership with Singapore amicable bar 1880.

The initial practical book of SCOPES runs from 1 Aug to mid-September. “SCOPES driven by Porsche” initial premiered in Berlin, followed by Amsterdam and Tokyo, and will conduct to Warsaw after a Southeast Asian book is completed.

For serve information, revisit a website and follow @scopes_drivenbyporsche on Instagram.