Fiat Panda Cross to underline during a “Interfaith Match for Peace”

  • The football champions of currently and yesterday will be holding a margin on Sep 1 to applaud a values of sports, oneness and fraternity.
  • Fiat will be by their side with a swift of Panda as Top Partner and Official Car.
  • The new Panda Cross, a impassioned growth of a SUV concept, that can overcome any separator and is means of attracting an general business with a accumulation of needs, will be showcased during a Olympic Stadium in Rome.
  • A automobile autographed by a footballers will be donated by Fiat to “Scholas Occurrentes” and “Fondazione PUPI”, a dual no-profit organisers of a event.
  • The summary of Peace continues to be widespread on amicable networking sites with “Have fun in Peace”.
  • The thought is to connect a holds between Fiat and a universe of sports underneath a pointer of zodiacally common values.


Fiat will be holding partial as Top Partner in a “Interfaith Match for Peace” on Monday, Sep 1 during 8:45 p.m. during a Olympic Stadium in Rome. Sponsored by a City of Rome, CONI, FIGC and Lega Serie A, a thought of a eventuality is to feat a communicative energy of sports – and of football, in sold – to foster beliefs of companionship and sharing. Faith – of any kind – will turn an component of tie and an eventuality for mutual improvement in bland life and in sportsmanship.


For a occasion, Fiat will be creation several Ducato Panorama and a swift of Panda – customised with a Fiat trademark and “Interfaith Match for Peace” graphics – permitted to organisers to send footballers to and from a Olympic Stadium. Courtesy services are not new for a tiny Fiat because, together with other Fiat models, it has been partial of a central swift that drives a Italian National Football Team to central and permitted matches and to training camps given 2011.


The winning organisation can count on several champions: from 500 and Panda to Freemont and 500L. The mint Panda Cross stands out among a tip players. Two cars will be showcased outward a track for a open during a “Interfaith Match for Peace”, to entice everybody to get to know a impassioned growth of a SUV judgment according to Fiat. Panda Cross combines a expostulate complement and a technical capabilities of a loyal off-road, a opening and a essence of a SUV, a outmost dimensions, a potency and a lively of a city automobile and a particular character means to put together receptive suspicion and emotion. All this is done even some-more engaging by a rival cost that is half that of a best-selling vast SUVs in Europe.


Not by chance, this indication was selected for a eventuality on Sep 1 organized to overcome differences of nationality or faith underneath a pointer of judgment values, such as assent among people, mutual honour and common good. Just like Panda Cross, which, as a name implies, is “cross”, not usually given it is means to cranky each separator – with all-wheel expostulate and Electronic Locking Differential, that it was a initial to fit on a marketplace – though also given it attracts different business by providing a answer to all their mobility needs.


Panda Cross is a unsentimental instance of Fiat’s expostulate to be tighten to a people with accessible, technologically modernized products and by ancillary vital international-level social, sports and informative events.  This is given Fiat has selected to present a Panda Cross to “Scholas Occurrentes” and “Fondazione PUPI”, a dual no-profit organisers of a “Interfaith Match for Peace”. The automobile will be autographed by a champions of currently and yesterday who will be holding a field. Names embody Javier Zanetti, Lionel Messi, Andrea Pirlo,  Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Baggio, Yuto Nagatomo, Gigi Buffon, Samuel Eto’o and David Trezeguet.


The enterprise for Peace continues on a amicable networking sites of a Brand by a foul initiative: “Have fun in Peace”. That’s a summary that Fiat will ask a Facebook friends to widespread on a net. From 1 September, whoever replaces their form design with a Panda flashy with #havefuninpeace might be a protagonist of a good surprise.


Fiat and sport: a durability bond 

By fasten a “Interfaith Match for Peace”, Fiat is reasserting once again a clever holds with a universe of sports with that it shares a same judgment values. The code has always interconnected a corporate picture with many disciplines on any level, including football, basketball, automobile racing, motorcycle racing, entertainment and sleet and ice sports.


Loyal to a ‘sports for all’ element set onward in a Olympic Charter, Fiat has selected to concentration on a really many disciplines that are practised bland on all levels on a fields and in a gyms and swimming pools sparse around a country, in further to those of comprehensive excellence. After all, Fiat has always believed in Italian sports and in their healthy, educational value: this is given a code is Official Sponsor of CONI, a organization that supports a many internal realities creation sports permitted to everyone.


And so a tour that began some-more than a century ago, that has always seen Fiat and Italy side by side in a social, industrial and informative expansion of a country, continues to this day.  Currently, Fiat is intent on several fronts. It is Top Sponsor of a National Football and Basketball Teams, and Official Sponsor of a Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and of a Italian Paralympics Winter Sports Federation (FISIP).


The categorical events that have seen Fiat by a side of Italian athletes embody a Olympic Winter Games in Turin 2006, a Olympic Games in London 2012, a Mediterranean Games in 2013 and a Olympic Winter Games of Sochi (Russia) in 2014.  Further behind in time, a partnership between Fiat and a Italian Football Team started in 2000 when, as Technical Partner, Fiat started following a “Azzurri” on their proceed to a World Championships in Japan and Korea (2002), South Africa (2010) and Brazil (2014, as Top Sponsor), in further to a final dual European Championships (in 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine).


Recently, Fiat sealed a three-year agreement for 2014/2016 with a Italian Basketball Federation (FIP) to be by a side of a men’s, women’s and a under-18 teams. Underpinning a sponsorship are a common values of organisation spirit, passion, bravery and determination. The agreement consolidates Fiat’s absolved attribute with Italian basketball, as demonstrated by a support in 3 prestigious Lega Basket Serie A events in 2012: Final Eight, All Star Game and Supercoppa Italiana.


The same judgment is behind a sponsorship of a Italian Paralympics Winter Sports Federation (FISIP) by means of a Autonomy Programme, an beginning that given 1995 has seen Fiat by a side of people with reduced engine abilities by providing special versions of Fiat organisation vehicles and as unapproachable unite of many top-level sports events. The simple thought of a Autonomy Programme is that guaranteeing mobility to everybody is not usually a vital dignified and polite thought though also a elemental hypothesis for a mercantile and informative growth of complicated society.


Ultimately, a Autonomy Programme has suggested a need to overcome influence and hackneyed notions: there is no such thing as “different” competitions though usually “different” abilities given all athletes share a same rival expostulate and a willpower to overcome a obstacles set before them. The best explanation of Fiat’s continual joining in this margin if a impasse as Main Sponsor in some of a top turn sports events of new years: a Paralympics Games of Sochi 2014, a Italian Disabled Championships Fisip (2014), a Paralympics Alpine Skiing World Cup (2009 and 2013), a Handbike World Championships (2007), a European Ice Sledge Hockey Championships (2007), a Wheelchair Tennis World Cup (2008), in further to carrying been Official Partner of a IX Winter Paralympics Games of Turin 2006. 


Perseverance, integrity and constancy: these values are common by all athletes of all disciplines, and are a genuine indication for immature infirm people who wish to proceed a universe of skiing. Furthermore, given 2007 a Autonomy Programme and Freewhite Ski Team have been organising ‘Autonomy on a snow’, an rudimentary march to Alpine skiing for children on a skiing slopes of Sestriere.


Turin 25 Aug 2014