FCA Statement Regarding Michigan EGLE Approval of Voluntary Environmental and Air Monitoring Plans

February 28, 2020

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

The following is a FCA matter per a Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) capitulation of a Company’s intentional Additional Projects Plan and Air Monitoring Plan associated to Mack Assembly Plant in Detroit. Of note: EGLE authorized FCA Mack Assembly Plant Permit to Install (PTI), 14-19, on Apr 26, 2019, that enclosed elective environmental and atmosphere monitoring benefits.

We are gratified that Michigan EGLE authorized both a intentional environmental projects and a intentional atmosphere monitoring skeleton associated to a Mack Assembly Plant in Detroit. As we continue building a new state-of-the-art public plant and move scarcely 6,500 jobs to Michigan, including scarcely 5,000 to Detroit, we know we have a good shortcoming to minimize a environmental impact for this and destiny generations. 

We take this shortcoming seriously, that is because we’re unapproachable to contend that a new Detroit public plant is both a destiny home of dual electrified Jeep® vehicles and one of a many fit and tolerable prolongation operations. In fact, this trickery will have a lowest practicable VOC glimmer rate of any automobile public plant in a country, and once adult and using in late 2020, will occupy a latest in modernized technologies and processes, including:

  • Natural-gas powered Detroit-based semi-truck swift to transport parts;
  • Zero glimmer hydrogen fuel cell-powered element doing fleet;
  • Zero waste-to-landfill prolongation facility;
  • More than 30 electric car charging stations;
  • Industry-leading H2O estimate and recycling systems;
  • Benchmark appetite potency practices, including designed LEED Certification of a new state-of-the-art paint shop; and,
  • Exclusive use of appetite fit LED lamps (over 6,000) inside and outward a facility. 

But, a joining to Detroit goes good over a facilities. Our common destiny lies in a hearts and minds of a people who live and flower in a city. Supporting their expansion is generally critical to us. 

Together, a city of Detroit and FCA are providing some-more than $35 million in support for area improvements, housing, workforce development, preparation and training programs, and environmental initiatives. FCA’s contributions include: 

  • $1.8 million in grants to authorised homeowners (up to $15,000 per homeowner) on a city’s easterly side to correct and urge their homes; and,
  • $4 million to build an education-career pathway for internal students and residents with a origination of a Manufacturing Career Academy during Southeastern High School.

Above and over a Community Benefits Agreement, FCA has committed an additional $3 million of collateral investment toward a origination of a Mechatronics and Apprenticeship module during Wayne County Community College District. 

In total, a $8.8 million allows schools and homeowners to self-direct their upgrades to comforts and operations, that could embody roof replacements, atmosphere filtration systems, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, mold remediation or other collateral needs.
Last year, we also grown an internship module for 9 seniors and new graduates of Southeastern High School, 5 of whom continue operative during a Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. 

Beyond these commitments, a FCA Foundation, a free arm of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has awarded $4,435,000 in grants. The infancy of those dollars have benefited Michigan residents by free organizations, including:

  • $1.6 million in grants to 17 educational and nonprofit organizations to allege educational opportunities for Detroit-area students; and,
  • $100,000 extend in support of a designation of some-more than 500 hydration stations in Detroit Public Schools Community District.

Our employees are equally dedicated to strengthening a communities in that we live and work.

Through FCA’s Motor Citizens proffer program, approximately 11,450 Michigan-based employees volunteered some-more than 46,500 hours final year, contributing their time and talents to scarcely 1,500 village use projects. These projects embody several that directly impacted residents of Detroit’s easterly side, including a painting of a Beniteau Community Park and Canfield Alliance gardens, Jefferson Chalmers inundate relief, a Keep Belle Isle Beautiful debate and other initiatives.

Our joining to strengthening a attribute with a village runs deep. Every chairman during FCA knows that we need to acquire a trust of a neighbors if we are to build a lasting, jointly profitable relationship. 

To do this, we began by listening to a community.

Throughout a final year, FCA care intent with inaugurated officials, village leaders, neighbors, environmental NGOs and other organizations. Over a march of 75 meetings, we worked to know a environmental concerns voiced by a neighbors. 

We also met frequently with a Neighborhood Advisory Council, comprised of 9 inaugurated internal residents, to assistance beam a preference making. Based on village input, a following outlines a “Additional Projects Plan”:

  • Constructing and installing a stormwater park to control sleet H2O runoff, that will be accessible for use by a area and underline a walking trail surrounded by internal vegetation, pollinator gardens and an educational pavilion;
  • Installing immature aegis and bioswales on and around a plant plcae to urge a area aesthetics, urge atmosphere quality, revoke noise, revoke stormwater runoff and urge wildlife habitat;
  • Reviving a civic tree canopy by planting 1,100 new trees both on a skill and within a evident area in warn with arborists and residents;
  • Transforming 300 empty lots into immature spaces where once blighted homes stood by planting trees, shrubs and gardens together with village organizations;
  • Partnering with a Wildlife Habitat Council to emanate and support abounding civic biodiversity, pollinator habitats, and on-campus charge projects;
  • Supporting a Chandler Park Conservancy on growth of their Education Plaza;
  • Hosting ongoing programs, such as “Salmon in a Classroom,” with internal schools to build recognition and teach immature students on a advantages of environmental stewardship;
  • Installing solar-powered train stop shelters together with a Detroit Department of Transportation, providing residents a well-lit plcae and accessible mobile device charging stations;
  • Hosting ominous environmental events on a advantages of sleet tub constraint of stormwater and providing sleet barrels to meddlesome residents; and,
  • Establishing a quarterly newsletter to promulgate FCA-related village activities and environmental initiatives distributed by both digital and printed methods.

Beyond a obligations pursuant to a Permit to Install (No. 14-19), we have inaugurated to raise a State of Michigan’s atmosphere monitoring network by installing an ambient atmosphere peculiarity monitoring hire on a property. This is in support of a community’s ask for some-more accurate and arguable information that reflects a atmosphere peculiarity on a easterly side of Detroit. We will work in partnership with EGLE to share this information with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as we all work to assistance urge residents’ peculiarity of life.

To summarize, we are operative toward a common prophesy for a certain destiny and via a whole journey, we will do a best to acquire your trust. We are impossibly beholden to a community, inaugurated officials and all stakeholders for this event to build a subsequent 100 years in Detroit. 

For some-more sum on a proposal, greatfully revisit https://www.deq.state.mi.us/aps/downloads/permits/PubNotice/NSR_PTIs_Final_Decisions.pdf.

To get a latest developments on FCA activities, greatfully revisit fca4detroit.com.
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