FCA CEO Issues Email to Employees

October 1, 2018

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (“FCA”) (NYSE: FCAU / MTA: FCA) CEO Mike Manley today issued a following email to FCA employees worldwide:

Dear Colleagues,

In a final 60 days, we have trafficked between a APAC, EMEA and NAFTA regions and I’m looking brazen to my outing to LATAM in a subsequent few weeks. I’ve been means to accommodate with many of we and to plead a roadmap to delivering a commitments in a Five-Year Business Plan we laid out on Jun 1st. Having been deeply concerned in a expansion of a plan, we can tell we that it was combined with a certain believe that we have a abyss and extent of talent and skills we need to accommodate a design of apropos one of a world’s many essential automakers.

I’m not observant we’ll not have hurdles to overcome. The subsequent 5 years will continue to be intensely severe for a industry, with worse regulations, heated foe and substantially slower attention expansion around a world. Nevertheless, with a laser concentration on execution and a continued coherence that allows us to adjust as resources change – something that has turn one of a many singular characteristics and strengths –  we have a transparent line of steer to achieving a five-year ambitions.

One pivotal component in a devise is to safeguard that a care group is best aligned to a objectives going forward. We have an superb group here during FCA with endless believe and an well-developed record of success and I’m gratified currently to announce a following expansion in a care roles as we start to exercise a new plan:

Pietro Gorlier is named Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a EMEA region. Pietro has a proven lane record of blurb and industrial imagination with FCA.  He is an gifted user globally, and as a second era worker whose father worked for Fiat in Italy, Pietro brings a low honour and believe of a operations in Europe. Pietro will keep a purpose as conduct of Mopar Globally. Steve Beahm will assume responsibilities for Mopar in a North America region, while stability in his purpose as Head of a Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat Brands in North America. 

Ermanno Ferrari is named CEO of Magneti Marelli. Ermanno many recently served as a Head of Magneti Marelli’s lighting division, a largest business unit, and formerly worked via Marelli’s several business lines, including comparison turn roles in a Shock Absorber and Suspension businesses. In his new role, Ermanno will join a Group Executive Council (GEC).

Harald Wester is named Chief Operating Officer of Maserati. Harald will say his purpose as Chief Technology Officer. He has a low bargain of a reward code marketplace place, and this appointment will also capacitate him to request a many modernized of a technologies to a reward brand, Maserati.

Tim Kuniskis is named Head of Jeep Brand North America. Tim will say his responsibilities as Global Head of Alfa Romeo and will request his proven skills in product and selling to dual of a industry’s many loving brands, both of that have poignant expansion ambitions in a five-year plan.

Reid Bigland is named Head of Ram Brand. Reid formerly led a Ram Brand in 2013 – 2014 which, underneath his leadership, gifted sales expansion of scarcely 50 percent. With a new Ram Light Duty Truck impending full prolongation and a new Ram Heavy Duty designed to come to marketplace in mid-2019, Reid has a right products and a skills to take Ram to a subsequent level. Reid will say his roles heading a Canadian operations and U.S. sales.

Scott Garberding is named Global Chief Manufacturing Officer. Scott has scarcely 30 years of industrial believe during FCA, including heading North American manufacturing, a tellurian Purchasing classification when he was formed in Italy, and many recently tellurian Quality. Scott has an in-depth believe and bargain of a world-wide production complement and of a people that work in a plants.

Comau and Teksid will news directly to Scott, ensuring that we are optimizing and maximizing a concentration of those products and services in a production operations.

Scott succeeds Stefan Ketter who during a commencement of this year told us of his skeleton to step down from his purpose during FCA. On interest of all a many colleagues with whom he has worked so closely, we wish to demonstrate a comfortable interjection to Stefan for his valued grant over a years.

Richard Schwarzwald is named Global Head of Quality. Richard succeeds Scott Garberding in a purpose and brings over 25 years of automotive peculiarity and retailer peculiarity experience. Richard has many recently led a Quality classification in Latin America, and formerly hold comparison care positions during several automotive OEMs and suppliers. we would like to honour Richard and his group in Latin America for creation poignant peculiarity improvements, quite for Jeep, including achieving 1st Quartile for Jeep Renegade in a many new eccentric rating survey. In his new role, Richard will join a Group Executive Council (GEC). In associated changes, Mark Champine assumes shortcoming for Quality in North America, and Geraldo Barra assumes shortcoming for Quality in Latin America.

Today’s announcements serve align a care structure to a feat of a targets set out in a five-year plan. These appointments safeguard that we will say a concentration on a top grade of execution and value in any of a regions and opposite a organic groups. They also yield a suitable support to a broad-based code portfolio and strengthen a trained proceed to collateral allocation.

My congratulations to those leaders holding adult new roles. And my interjection to we all for your continued loyalty to a bland charge of ensuring that FCA continues to accommodate and afterwards surpass a needs and expectations of a business worldwide.

Mike Manley