FCA during CES 2020: Technology and Heritage Combine to Deliver on Rapidly Developing Consumer Demands

January 2, 2020

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

FCA is regulating CES 2020 in Las Vegas to denote a company’s newest technologies associated to electrification, Uconnect user believe (UX) and connectivity in a visible and earthy array, honoring and building on a company’s story and tradition of innovation.

Ever given a initial automobile radio seemed scarcely 100 years ago, automotive innovators have worked to minister some-more record to a space. FCA business adore and are constant to a company’s brands partially due to heritage, and given CES is focused on electronics, it challenged FCA to brew a dual pieces in a arrangement of tradition and record that addresses a flourishing expectations of automobile buyers.

Electric vehicles, connectivity and unconstrained vehicles are among a prohibited topics in a automobile industry. FCA’s visually and physically sensitive proceed during CES showcases a company’s efforts in an ever-changing call of record while respecting a company’s history.
Jeep® Wrangler, Renegade and Compass 4xe Models
The Jeep code is utilizing CES to showcase 3 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, a initial step in a brand’s devise to offer substructure options on all models by 2022. All Jeep electrified vehicles will lift a new “Jeep 4xe badge.”

Electrification, including a arriving no-compromise Jeep 4xe vehicles, will update a Jeep code as it strives to turn a personality in “green” eco-friendly reward technology. Jeep electric vehicles will be a many fit and obliged Jeep vehicles ever, providing comprehensive and still alfresco leisure while holding performance, 4×4 capability and motorist certainty to a subsequent level. With larger torque and evident engine response, Jeep electric vehicles will offer an even some-more fun-to-drive believe on a highway and some-more capability than ever off a road.

Additional information about a Jeep Wrangler, Compass and Renegade 4xe vehicles, that entrance this year, will be supposing during a Geneva, New York and Beijing automobile shows.
Jeep 4×4 Adventure VR Experience
Jeep has demonstrated 4×4 capability care for scarcely 80 years. Merging substructure into a product lineup is a healthy evolution. CES attendees will have a singular event to see a Jeep Wrangler 4xe, a Jeep Compass 4xe and Jeep Renegade 4xe. All 3 vehicles are partial of FCA’s joining to globally launch some-more than 30 electrified nameplates by 2022.

Attendees wishing to believe a unnatural 4×4 tour can take a float in a new Jeep 4×4 Adventure VR Experience. Using Moab, Utah, one of a many renouned off-road destinations for Jeep owners and enthusiasts, as a backdrop, participants will navigate a barbarous Hell’s Revenge trail. The lane is damaged into opposite sections from middle to difficult. As an combined bonus, among a practical resources within a module is a driver’s indicate of perspective inside a new Jeep Wrangler 4xe, giving participants a hide look of a many modernized Jeep Wrangler a association has ever built.

To emanate a practical experience, a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is positioned on 4 hydraulic cylinders, one during any wheel. The Wrangler reacts to submit supposing by tangible round position information recordings done on a trail. The hydraulic complement pushes a Wrangler’s engineered suspension, replicating a transformation a motorist would believe traversing an barrier or cresting a hill. Inside a vehicle, participants wearing VR goggles will see a tangible perspective correlated to a Hell’s Revenge trail. Each time a participating group completes a apportionment of a trail, a fulfilment is logged with group measure and a practical Trail Rated badge that can be noticed live around a “Jeep Adventure” app. Users can lane their group measure and review with others who have participated in a Jeep 4×4 Adventure VR Experience. As a arrangement travels to opposite shows and events around a world, additional off-road trails will be commissioned into a module, giving participants a far-reaching array of Jeep 4×4 chair time in opposite environments.
User Experience
UX has gifted poignant expansion and creation within a automotive industry. Within a FCA counter space, 6 two-sided screens showcase a award-winning Uconnect system. Uconnect is a absolute substructure to build upon. What was once usually about a radio is apropos reduction compelled to a automobile itself, some-more helpful, ease abounding and personalized. Tailored for any code and vehicle, a complement is apropos a poignant reason for squeeze — about half of new automobile buyers cruise record in their purchase.
Airflow Vision Concept
The Airflow Vision is a sculptural pattern judgment that envisions a subsequent era of reward transport and UX by deliberation how a motorist and passengers could correlate with modernized technologies. It is combined for business with an on-the-go lifestyle and a enterprise for a first-class transport believe while balancing their record needs within a relaxed environment.

Inside, UX plays a distinguished purpose and is designed to be a enthralling believe regulating multi-layered, high-contrast graphics and courteous sum that yield a clean, worldly appearance. Built on a beliefs of depth, hierarchy, coherence and legibility, a user will be means to see and believe a interface in a approach that is safe, easy to use and understand.

Using a menu-based format, screens can be personalized, simplified and grouped to particular needs and interests. Offering mixed arrangement screens, a user can entrance indispensable information and establish how it’s displayed. Information on a screens can be common with all passengers by swiping, permitting any newcomer to attend in a experience. Customization and personalization are key, either pushing or behaving as a co-pilot.

A simple, complicated and atmospheric interior, accented by a light, relaxing tone palette, offers passengers a home divided from home sourroundings and a first-class transport experience. Using a measure and flat-load building of a Chrysler Pacifica PHEV, a interior creates a atmospheric sourroundings for all occupants. Premium suede and leather materials are abundant, charity lush touchpoints to a occupants. Seating uses a singular slim structure that rests on a pedestal base, enhancing comfort and roominess and permitting for limit legroom, shoulder space and personal storage for any passenger. Functional and ambient lighting enables a motorist and passengers to emanate a personalized middle sanctum.

Outside, a Airflow Vision captures a new fit with an superb and purify pattern statement, and hints during a destiny of reward design. It facilities an jaunty profile, prolonged wheelbase, neat lines and far-reaching position that creates a thespian persona and aggressive, nonetheless superb silhouette. Simplified to a purest artistic expression, a Airflow Vision reimagines a robust physique that flows into and becomes one with a wheels. The wheels are desirous by automatic elements of an electric engine and give a clarity of fit identical to a inner mechanisms of a watch.

Crystalized textures via a automobile supplement a clarity of pointing and perplexing transition from extraneous to interior. LED clear lighting flows seamlessly into a cross-car blade that conveys a autocratic presence. The Airflow Vision’s thespian countenance is finished by an Arctic White physique tone that conveys a clarity of ease and peace and is upheld with a Celestial Blue underbody.
Fiat Concept Centoventi
First introduced during final year’s Geneva International Motor Show, a innovative Fiat Concept Centoventi creates a North American entrance during CES 2020.

The Fiat Concept Centoventi represents a ideal countenance of a FIAT brand’s prophesy of electric mass mobility for a future. Centoventi, that means “120” in Italian, is a judgment that was introduced in jubilee of a brand’s storied 120-year history.

The insubordinate judgment addresses electric mobility with basic, customizable solutions. The Fiat Concept Centoventi is essentially a “blank canvas” prepared to be embellished to fit a customer’s tastes and needs during any time of their life, though customization restrictions related to a time of purchase.

Produced in usually one color, a automobile might be “painted” by a patron regulating a “4U” module and a extraneous might be personalized with a choice of 4 roof options, 4 bumpers, 4 round covers and 4 outmost wrappings.

Regarding a interior, from a instrument cluster to storage compartments and from seats to child-restraint systems, a transmutable interior accessories might be commissioned in plug-and-play mode by a patron on a vehicle’s law dashboard.

With a innovative battery modular architecture, even a judgment vehicle’s operation might be customized. The operation might be sundry to accommodate specific needs from 60 miles to 300 miles, that creates it ideal for civic travelling and for a weekend getaway by a sea or in a mountains.

One of a judgment car’s clever points is that owners no longer have to wait for new special editions or facelifts; they might change their cars on any day. In addition, a Fiat Concept Centoventi sets another automotive benchmark as it becomes a amicable media device with a complicated arrangement commissioned in a tailgate.

The automobile has been designed and engineered with pity and new forms of civic mobility in mind. The cockpit is versed with a tiny shade confronting a windshield outward, it can be used to promulgate messages, such as busy, free, parking paid, etc. In addition, a second vast tailgate arrangement enables Fiat Concept Centoventi to substitute a judgment of connectivity to turn a amicable media device on that messages might be common with a outside world. When a automobile is in motion, a automobile will usually uncover a FIAT logo, though once it stops, a motorist can switch to “messenger” mode and emanate a new message.
FCA during CES
Located in a categorical building of a Las Vegas Convention Center, FCA occupies some-more than 6,000 block feet of building space during CES, charity visitors an disdainful smoothness of knowledge, rendezvous and entertainment. Stationed during a core of a arrangement is a rotating theater. As a 40-foot round spins like a enormous turntable, attendees’ perspective of products changes as does a story-telling digital arrangement on a unique, Hologauze screen, aligning code with story and technological innovation. Above, a conical LED shade teamed with light provides an aerial opening of pattern with imagery.
About FCA
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is a tellurian automaker that designs, engineers, manufactures and sells vehicles in a portfolio of sparkling brands, including Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep®, Lancia, Ram and Maserati. It also sells tools and services underneath a Mopar name and operates in a components and prolongation systems sectors underneath a Comau and Teksid brands. FCA employs scarcely 200,000 people around a globe. For some-more sum per FCA (NYSE: FCAU/ MTA: FCA), greatfully visit www.fcagroup.com.