Extended operation of functions for a My BMW App in November.

Munich. Since a introduction in Jul 2020, a My
BMW App is used as a concept interface for seamless communication
between a motorist and a vehicle. At a same time, it provides
business a approach tie around smartphone to a BMW tradesman and
to a BMW brand. It can be used e.g. to devise transport routes and
send them to a vehicle’s navigation system, arrange service
appointments, ask information on a car standing or find out
a latest news on a BMW brand. In addition, remote services such as
locking and unlocking a doors are also available, depending on the
car equipment. The operation of functions of a My BMW App will be
extended once again in Nov 2021 with several new offers. These
embody Digital Tyre Diagnosis, that is singular in a competitive
sourroundings and that provides a motorist with comprehensive
information about a condition of a vehicle’s tyres.


New facilities of a My BMW App.

The operation of functions of a updated My BMW App also includes the
following new features:


  • The Tyre Pressure Indicator provides a user
    with a tyre acceleration pressures dynamic by a vehicle’s tyre
    vigour monitoring system. As additional information, a user is
    given a endorsed values for any axle. The user can so check
    from a comfort of their possess home either a stream tyre
    acceleration pressures of a car are correct.

  • Digital Tyre Diagnosis uses a totally newly
    grown tyre acceleration vigour detriment showing complement for the
    initial time in this form. Due to a cloud-based algorithm, any tyre
    acceleration vigour waste can now be rescued most progressing than by
    a vehicle’s tyre vigour monitoring system. This is enabled by a
    justification duty implemented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in
    a BMW behind end. Any detriment of vigour is indicated to a motorist by
    a My BMW App along with endorsed action. Statistical
    information and AI methods can also be used to make predictions
    about a wear of a car tyres, so that a foresee can be made
    about a remaining use life of a tyres until a recommended
    smallest step abyss is reached.

Because this information is roughly accessible in genuine time in a BMW
behind end, if a patron agrees, active assistance can be provided
fast as required, for instance with a suitable replacement. Digital
Tyre Diagnosis informs a patron exclusively on request, e.g. in
a eventuality of any technical necessity. This hit is determined in a
market-specific demeanour around a car with a Teleservice summary and
by e-mail as good as around My BMW App. Digital Tyre Diagnosis is only
accessible during BMW. It is during initial accessible for a BMW iX and BMW i4
models. An enlargement to a far-reaching operation of models will follow. The
roll-out will take place step-by-step. The duty will already be
accessible from 11 Nov in Germany, a United Kingdom, Norway, the
USA and Canada.

  • With a BMW Digital Key Plus the user has the
    choice of unlocking, starting and also locking a car again
    but carrying to take their smartphone out of their pocket.
    Ultra-wideband record (UWB) is used for this purpose, that is
    characterised by accurate localisation with limit possible
    security. The BMW Digital Key Plus is supposing for a Apple iPhone
    and can be upheld on to 5 other users. This duty will be
    introduced with a new BMW iX and rolled out in destiny models of
    a BMW brand. 

  • The Remote Theft Recorder informs a patron by
    pull presentation if a vehicle’s alarm complement is activated. If an
    alarm is triggered, a car cameras record images of a entire
    sourroundings and a car interior. The patron can download and
    perspective a picture element in a My BMW App. This is for deterring
    intensity thieves. However, if a car is still stolen or
    damaged, video (exterior camera) or print (interieur camera)
    justification are available. To use this function, a car contingency be
    versed with a discretionary anti-theft alarm equipment, Parking
    Assistant Plus and Interieur Camera.

  • The new Calendar Locations function enables
    business to synchronise their calendar, including a list of
    designed journeys, with a My BMW App. Places related to calendar
    entries can so be displayed directly in a app and do not have to
    be searched for separately. These locations can also be transferred
    directly to a vehicle’s navigation system. Only calendar entries
    of a subsequent 72 hours are synchronised.


  • Demo Mode also enables a use of a vehicle
    functions of a My BMW App but your possess BMW vehicle. The user
    can select between several BMW demo models and get an sense of
    a several functions of a app, e.g. for electromobility.


The updated My BMW App is accessible for both iOS and Android
handling systems and can be downloaded giveaway of assign by a user via
Apple App Store or Google Play Store.