Experiencing the history of the Salzburg Festival with Audi

At the 2020 Salzburg Festival Audi connects tradition with innovation. Passengers in an Audi e-tron will experience historical scenes from the festival by means of a VR headset. Musical milestones of different eras are the focus of the VR trip through Salzburg. In real time, the immersive technology combines the displayed content with relevant data from the car such as acceleration and steering, as well as navigation data on the journey route and duration. In this way, besides addressing the visual and acoustic senses, the experience also integrates natural

The innovative VR technology behind it was initiated by Audi and further developed through the tech entertainment start-up holoride. It enables a new type of entertainment format during the journey and moreover provides new opportunities for learning and working while on the road. The motion-synchronized trip through virtual worlds also reduces the motion sickness that often occurs during conventional consumption of visual media. The aim of holoride is to establish this technology in partnership with companies from the automotive and media industries as a new, forward-looking entertainment format. Audi is a co-founder of holoride and has a minority holding in this start-up through its subsidiary Audi Electronics Venture GmbH.

Creativity and competitive edge are what drives both the Salzburg Festival and Audi. This sustained and lively partnership has existed for almost 25 years. As main sponsor, the company supports the festival’s work in staging world-class artistic performances. The annual guest appearance of the Salzburg Festival in Ingolstadt is a highlight of the partnership.

For further information on registering and on the operation of the VR experience in Salzburg, please refer to www.audi-salzburgerfestspiele.de/VR-experience.

* Information on fuel/electric power consumption and COemission figures given in ranges depend on the equipment selected for the vehicle