Even some-more absolute and fit – the new 48-volt record from Audi

“We are regulating a full bandwidth of foundation in a expostulate beliefs strategy. Running partial of a car electrical component during 48 volts plays a executive purpose in this,” commented Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of a Board of Management for Technical Development during Audi. “It enables us to make some-more appetite available. That paves a approach for new technologies with that we can make a cars some-more sporty, some-more fit and some-more available to use.”

Audi recently showcased a range of a 48‑volt electrical component with a record demonstrators Audi A6 TDI concept and RS 5 TDI concept. Both models are propitious with an electrically powered compressor. This operates exclusively of a engine bucket and therefore essentially improves a acceleration performance. 48‑volt record is likewise ideal for realizing preference systems for energetic framework control. Audi will shortly be phenomenon a accumulation of applications in this field.

The stream state of a art record has taken 12‑volt electrical systems to their really limits. Especially during low temperatures, all a several static‑load consumers can comment for a whole appetite generated by a alternator, that can broach adult to three kilowatts. The battery appetite is no longer able of assembly a final of new, dynamic‑load consumers such as high‑performance electric compressors.

The resolution is a second auxiliary electrical component using during 48 volts, to component a 12‑volt appetite supply. The aloft voltage means smaller wire cross-sections are needed; this translates into lighter wire harnesses with reduce appetite dissipation. The 48‑volt electrical component facilities new storage technologies and delivers most some-more appetite than a 12‑volt system with lead batteries. That creates it an critical component of a Audi plan of electrifying several stages of a drivetrain. The Group’s developers have already come adult with a scalable height concept, including a chronicle that incorporates a electrically powered compressor.

In now a top growth version, a compress lithium‑ion battery reserve 48 volts as a appetite source during engine‑off phases; a DC/DC converter integrates a 12‑volt electrical system. The lithium‑ion battery operates in and with a new, efficiency-optimized alternator that qualifies a drivetrain as a amiable hybrid. Within this judgment there are different ways of starting, determining and deactivating a explosion engine as needed. The absolute alternator achieves an appetite liberation outlay of ten kilowatts, distant some-more than is probable during present. That adds adult to a saving of adult to ten grams of CO2 per kilometer (16.1 g/mi), homogeneous to around 0.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (62.1 miles).