European Dealer Council: Audi and European sales partners figure a retailing of a future

“Our sales partners are a vital rival advantage,” says Horst Hanschur, Head of Sales Strategy during AUDI AG. “We are therefore auxiliary closely with a partners with a doing of a destiny business model.”

During a European Dealer Council’s conference, AUDI AG presents a new sales indication and a skeleton for a future. The online business, that is being massively expanded, will play an critical purpose in a growth of a new sales model. As partial of a new digital partnership with dealers, an Internet height will be serve grown to promote a whole purchasing routine as distant as agreement signing, including financing, remuneration and even partial sell of a used car.

In addition, business are to be away addressed with new, civic sales formats (such as Audi City, myAudi Sphere or pop-up stores). At a same time, retailing is to turn some-more stretchable and efficient. Customers will also distinction from an array of tailored services. For example, cars will be kept adult to date around mobile telephony with a assistance of over-the-air module updates. A pivotal entrance indicate is a myAudi patron portal, in that all digital solutions are booked, managed and used around an discerning interface.

The Ingolstadt-based vehicle manufacturer sees serve intensity in new mobility concepts. For example, a association skeleton to hurl out Audi on direct subsequent year also with dealers in comparison European markets – modeled on a proceed in a United Kingdom, where business can already use some dealerships as hit points for this service. In this way, Audi’s partners will also advantage from this new digital business segment.

Other topics during a eventuality embody a new group indication in a fleet-car business formed on a German model, softened processes in bland business, and even some-more fit pursuit roles during vehicle dealerships. For a latter point, a manufacturer has worked out a special “Audi Retail Experience” patron use judgment together with a sell partners and has already started a commander proviso in a initial dealerships. In addition, following a good success of a Audi Approved :Plus module for used cars adult to 5 years old, a code has extended a reward patron guarantee to comparison cars. The aim of a measures presented is to feat additional opportunities in a stream sales model, to safeguard a profitability of a sales classification and to accommodate changing digital patron expectations.

The new agreement forms a basement for a arriving sales plan and combines innovative destiny elements with a proven infrastructure. In serve to a dealer, use and group agreements, a new agreement contains for a initial time endless agreements on e-commerce, a reorder of patron and information management, a sale of digital products and a serve growth of a Audi Sport brand. In many European markets, a sealed contracts are to be returned by a finish of this Nov and a new contracts with a European dealers will take outcome in Apr 2020.