Employee Spotlight – Matt Pollet

Employee Spotlight – Matt Pollet





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Meet Matt Pollet, Quality Engineer during a Oshawa Assembly Plant. Matt has hold 4 opposite roles in his final 5 years during GM and he is vehement to see where a destiny will take him!

1) What drew we to GM? How has a association altered given we started?

My grandfather worked during a Oshawa Assembly Plant, so we grew adult in a GM family. My choice to investigate automatic engineering was mostly with a finish idea of practice with GM, or during slightest what we THOUGHT was GM. When we was hired into a Canadian Technical Centre, CREC during a time, my viewpoint of GM fast altered from a “car company” to a “tech company”. Our implausible car lineup, a new and sparkling work entrance to Canada, and a vast liquid of immature and eager engineers  has done my time here an comprehensive blast!

2) What 3 difference would we use to report GM?

Exciting, Innovative, Diverse

3) What 3 difference would we use to report yourself?

Motivated, Enthusiastic, Dad

4) How has GM assisted we with your career development?

GM has been an implausible place for me to grow both privately and professionally, mostly due to a overwhelming managers I’ve come opposite in my time here. What we might design to be an ungainly conversation, a “I would unequivocally like to try this other event during General Motors” chat, has always been answered with “That sounds interesting! Let me see what we can do to assistance we get there”.

5) What is your proudest impulse during GM?

After my time spent in engineering recruitment, we would start to see many informed faces on course day during a Technical Centre locations. we would have to contend my proudest impulse (and I’ve been propitious adequate to have this occur on mixed occasions) is when a new GM operative pulls me aside  to contend a reason they became eager about a intensity GM career and applied, was all due to a review we had during their university. If we was articulate to them on course day, it meant we conveyed a right summary about a overwhelming company!

6) What have we gained from operative during GM?

I have gained an wholly new viewpoint on what it should meant to work for a vast corporation. we have done illusory friends, am means to have a good work-life balance, have schooled an implausible volume from my shining colleagues, attend in a lot of extra-curricular activities, and feel like we have been means to rise many opposite skills in my cross-functional roles.

7) Where do we see yourself in a subsequent 5 years?

Professionally, we would like to grow into a purpose that stays connected to a technical growth, though as an external-facing item to a business. GM is doing a lot of good things, so to be means to widespread that word, bond us to a right people/organizations, and assistance us continue along a sparkling trail we are on, would be my ideal career path. Personally, we wish to suffer each notation of my immature family, since it won’t be prolonged before my mother and we are putting a boys on a propagandize train for a initial time.

8) Are we a night owl or early bird?

My dual boys are 15-months aged and 5 weeks old. Any primogenitor out there will sympathize with my answer of BOTH!

9) If we could have one super energy what would it be?

The ability to solidify time. There are a lot of things we wish to do and infrequently 24 hours isn’t enough!