Employee Spotlight – Anand Bhundia

Employee Spotlight – Anand Bhundia





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Meet commune tyro and basketball fan Anand Bhundia. Anand is a Chassis Manufacturing Engineer during a Oshawa Assembly Plant.

1)  How prolonged have we been during GM and what is your stream role?

I have been a commune tyro during a Oshawa Assembly Plant given Sep 2017 and we am now operative as a Chassis Manufacturing Engineer.

2)  What brought we to GM for your internship?

The enterprise to request a skills we schooled from university and my past commune practice brought me to GM. we wanted to serve my skills and believe in a successful, creditable and innovative company.

3)  What is a best partial about your job?

I adore a enlightenment during GM and a extra-curricular activities. GM has an extraordinary module called Jumpstart to inspire networking cranky functionally. Once a month a cabinet skeleton a amicable eventuality that we can attend in for giveaway (or during a comparatively low cost). we also suffer personification basketball with my associate GM coworkers after hours. we demeanour brazen to it each Tuesday!

4)   What’s your favourite GM vehicle?

My favourite GM car would be a 1967 Corvette Stingray. Nothing beats a classic.

5)  If we could transport anywhere, where would it be?

This is tough, we can’t select as we wish to transport around a world. There are too many pleasing places, cultures and food to collect from!

6)  What do we do on your giveaway time?

In my giveaway time we like to prepare in a kitchen, stay active, and suffer throwing adult on some of my favourite TV shows.

7)   What’s a final thing we watched on tv?

The final thing we watched on TV was an part of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When my roommates and we are relaxing/eating together, Fresh Prince is a go-to show.

8) ​​ What’s a funniest thing that’s happened to we recently?

One day while personification drop-in basketball with my associate GM coworkers, a “commissioner”, Eugenio, mentioned that he lived in Brampton and he asked where we was from. we settled with honour “born and lifted in Brampton” and he laughed since that’s a initial time he ever listened someone contend it with pride. We suspicion it was flattering funny.