Electric Dreams: Ford goes all in with Electrified Vehicle Investment

Brace yourself for a some-more electric future. We recently announced that Ford will deposit US$4.5 billion (CAD$6.54 billion as of a date of publication) into expanding and innovating a swift of electrified vehicles over a subsequent 4 years. That investment comes in serve to a appropriation we have already committed to cleaner and some-more fit technology.

We’ll be regulating this investment to expostulate new creation in electrified automobile technologies, like US$2.1 million (CAD$3.05 million as of a date of publication) to investigate improved battery technologies during a University of Michigan.

What does this meant for consumers? A destiny with some-more electrified options in a Ford lineup, and even improved in-vehicle technologies. We’ll be adding 13 new EVs to a portfolio by 2020—meaning 40 percent of all of a nameplates around a universe will be offering in electrified versions. First out of a embankment subsequent year will be a new Focus Electric, that will come with lightning-fast, 480 Volt DC charging capability that can extract adult 80 per cent of a automobile battery’s ability in only 30 minutes, with a projected operation of 160 kilometres. It will also underline technologies that will assistance drivers maximize automobile efficiency.

GIF of a new Ford Focus Electric charging

Building Cars Around Drivers

As partial of this investment, we’re reimagining a pattern and growth routine altogether, changeable to concentration on a motorist experience, and not only a automobile itself. We’re exploring how consumers correlate with vehicles, gaining discernment into a cognitive, social, cultural, technological and mercantile nuances that impact product designs. This refocusing puts a owner’s knowledge while pushing a automobile during a core of how we consider about building it.

“This new approach of operative brings together marketing, research, engineering and pattern in a new approach to emanate suggestive user experiences, rather than away building technologies and facilities that need to be integrated into a final product,” pronounced Raj Nair, executive clamp president, Product Development. “We are regulating new insights from anthropologists, sociologists, economists, reporters and designers, along with normal business techniques, to reimagine a product growth process, emanate new practice and make life improved for millions of people.”

“As both an automobile and a mobility company, we during Ford are going serve than only conceptualizing a product to pierce people from indicate A to indicate B,” Nair said. “We are deliberation a approach business correlate with a vehicles as a one experience, looking for ways to excite and pleasure business and make their lives better.”

And now, removing into a Ford electrified automobile has never been easier! With supervision incentives accessible in some provinces, a cost of shopping or leasing a Ford electrified automobile might be allied or even reduction than the gas-powered counterpart. Learn some-more here.