Ekström wins subsequent prize with Audi and EKS

On a severe lane in a Latvian capital, a drivers had to understanding with constantly changing conditions nonetheless again. After fever on Saturday morning a heavens opened. On Sunday a lane dusty out unequivocally solemnly before it started to sleet easily again usually before a final. “Despite a changing continue conditions, it was a unequivocally good weekend for us,” pronounced Ekström. “For a initial time we had 4 cars in a semi-final and my second place. I’m generally gratified for Nico who done a final in usually his second event.”

Audi DTM motorist Müller beamed with fun after a final: “I’m mega happy,” epitomised a Swiss. “It was illusory to start in a final with Mattias. A large appreciate we to a whole group for a support.” Local bullfighter Reinis Nitišs missed creation a final in front of his home crowd. Nevertheless a Latvian drew a certain upshot: “On a whole it was a good weekend. Unfortunately, we mislaid a small belligerent after a start in a semi-final, though it is always a special feeling to competition in front of your possess fans. we consider we were a good advert for a World Rallycross Championship.”

Toomas Heikkinen’s weekend did not finish as planned. After a initial day, a Finn hold a lead in a sequence and justifiably hoped to finish good adult a field. However, in a semi-final a driveshaft broke. “Unfortunately we can’t spin a clocks back. Now we have to demeanour to a future,” pronounced Heikkinen. In usually dual weeks a 26-year aged has a possibility to strike back. The eleventh of twelve universe championship rounds is hold during a Estering tighten to Buxtehude on Sep 30 and Oct 1.