DTM limit in Styria: BMW teams during a Red Bull Ring for a penultimate competition weekend of a season.

The situation:

It was an eventful weekend for BMW during a Nürburgring (GER). The
indeterminate and fanciful continue conditions in a Eifel mountains
played their partial in Saturday’s race. Rain showers foiled a BMW
teams’ strategies. Augusto Farfus (BRA) finished as best-placed BMW
motorist in eighth place, carrying led a competition for a prolonged period. The
continue on Sunday was once again cool, though dry. Marco Wittmann (GER)
claimed stick position in subordinate and cumulative a lectern mark by
finishing a competition in third place. This helped a two-time champion
pierce adult to fourth in a drivers’ championship (115 points), only 21
points behind personality Mattias Ekström (SWE). Timo Glock (GER) is in
seventh position with 108 points, only brazen of Maxime Martin. The
Belgian motorist is in eighth on 102 points. In a manufacturers’
championship, BMW is now in third place with 450 points. Audi
leads with 550 points.

The expectations:

BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “We have
an sparkling finish to a deteriorate brazen of us. There are still 4 races
to go this year, and there are still several drivers battling for the
title. We have already seen a series of times this deteriorate that the
sequence of a altogether standings can change totally after each race.
So a fans unequivocally have dual stirring weekends brazen of them in
Spielberg and Hockenheim. Our charge is to be entirely focussed from the
unequivocally initial to a final minute, and to get a limit out of the
races. Spielberg is one of a marks on a DTM calendar on that we
have enjoyed good success in a past. We wish to move home good
formula there once again in 2017.”

Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal, BMW Team RMG): “We
have good memories of a Red Bull Ring, a subsequent stop. In 2016, our
group won both races: Marco triumphed on Saturday and Timo on Sunday.
Both of them have available many some-more lectern finishes during Spielberg in
a past years. The circuit has been a happy sport belligerent for us in
a past though we are looking brazen and would like to supplement another
successful weekend to a list of formula for a season. The recent
races have shown that we need to keep operative hard. Which is because we
will do conflict again in Spielberg, after all zero will be decided
until a finish of a season.”


Marco Wittmann (#11, Red Bull BMW M4 DTM – 70 races, 8 wins,
19 podiums, 8 stick positions, 638 points, 2 Drivers’
“I have unequivocally high expectations for Spielberg. I
have always favourite a circuit and we have already won some races there.
It is a good lane and a landscape is poetic too so we am anticipating for
a good weekend. We were means to quarrel behind a bit during a Nürburgring
and we would like to continue this trend during Spielberg. It is also a
special eventuality for me, as we are competing in Red Bull’s homeland.”


Augusto Farfus (#15, Shell BMW M4 DTM – 80 races, 4 wins, 12
podiums, 6 stick positions, 374 points):
Zandvoort, Spielberg is one of my favourite circuits. There are plenty
of quick corners that we unequivocally enjoy. We have had some good weekends
recently, in terms of opening rather than points, so we am hoping
we can measure some points again during Spielberg. The area around the
circuit, with that perspective of a mountains, is only fantastic.”


Timo Glock (#16, DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM – 70 races, 4 wins,
8 podiums, 3 stick positions, 321 points):
“The Red Bull
Ring is positively one of a many pleasing circuits in a world. I
have many lustful memories of it. we available my initial DTM lectern finish
there in 2013. we was on a tip mark of a lectern final year and I
wish that we will put on a clever opening again during Spielberg.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal, BMW Team RBM): “Our
group has copiousness of proclivity brazen of a final competition weekends of the
season. We know that we have a gait for tip results. Hard work and
a right plan will assistance us in a conflict to strech a podium. The
autumn continue in a plateau can be unequivocally fanciful though we will try
to ready for all eventualities. In any case, a drivers like the
circuit. Bruno has won there and Tom reached a lectern final year with
a second-place finish.”


Bruno Spengler (#7, BMW Bank BMW M4 DTM – 153 races, 15 wins,
48 podiums, 18 stick positions, 832 points, 1 Drivers’
“The landscape around a Red Bull Ring creates it one
of a many pleasing circuits. The vicinity are only sensational.
we am extraordinary to see how a continue will be so late in a season, as
it can be fanciful even in summer. The lane blueprint is good and
it’s a lot of fun. It has a good multiple of prolonged straights, hard
braking and engaging corners. It is a good lane for overtaking.”


Tom Blomqvist (#31, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM – 50 races,
1 win, 5 podiums, 2 stick positions, 194 points):
“I really
like a Red Bull Ring and it is one of my favourite DTM circuits. I
reached a lectern there final year though we only have to wait and see
how it goes this time. We were here in late open 2016, and now
autumn is only starting. That can make a disproportion during this track, as
it is during aloft altitude in a mountains. Who knows what a weather
will bring? Hopefully it will stay dry and stable.”


Maxime Martin (#36, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM – 60 races, 3 wins, 10
podiums, 3 stick positions, 333 points):
“We always like to
go to a Red Bull Ring as it is one of a prettiest circuits of the
season. We were unequivocally successful there final year. we consider that we
will have a good set-up this time around too. We will try to continue
optimising a opening and measure as many points as possible.”



The Red Bull Ring has a story stretching behind scarcely 50 years.
Formerly famous as a Österreichring, a circuit was inaugurated in
1969 and hosted many general races until 2003. The march then
lay asleep for several years, before reopening as a Red Bull Ring
in 2011 after endless renovations. The DTM debuted during a circuit,
nearby Spielberg, in a same season. Nestling in a alpine scenery of
a Styria segment during an altitude of 700 metres, a Red Bull Ring is
a tip circuit on a DTM calendar and is unequivocally renouned with the
drivers. The circuit is technically severe and boasts unusually
vast climbs and gradients of adult to 12 percent. Lying around 50
kilometres apart from Graz, a 4.326-kilometre lane regularly
delivers thrilling, hard-fought races.


BMW and Martin Tomczyk (GER) reached a lectern there in 2012, the
quip year. In 2013 Spengler, Wittmann and Glock available a
top-three lock-out. BMW went one improved a following year, with a
1-2-3-4: Wittmann, Farfus, Glock and Tomczyk claimed a tip four
positions. The success story continued final year. In Saturday’s race,
Wittmann and Blomqvist finished in initial and second places, while
Glock triumphed in Sunday’s event. Victory has left to BMW drivers on
4 occasions in a 8 races that have taken place during Spielberg
so far.