Digital lifestyle during a BMW Group: Seamless in-car formation of Amazon Alexa in BMW and MINI.

  • Seamless formation due to built-in SIM label in all vehicles
  • Alexa shows applicable calm for certain skills in a Display Screen
  • Integration of Alexa into all BMW and MINI models from launch
  • No smartphone indispensable to advantage from Alexa in a car


Munich/Seattle. The BMW Group is systematically
expanding a intelligent connectivity capabilities of a vehicles by
seamlessly integrating a rarely versatile Alexa, Amazon’s
voice-controlled personal assistant, into all BMW and MINI models from
mid-2018. The innovative inclusion of a cloud-based voice use will
capacitate BMW Group business to entrance a accumulation of services,
party comforts and selling comforts while on a pierce by
elementary voice interaction. Tens of thousands of Alexa skills that can
be accessed from Echo inclination will now be accessible for in-car use, too.

BMW Connected ability for Alexa has been accessible given September
2016. This has authorised BMW Connected users in a USA, Germany and the
UK to ask Alexa to check automobile information such as a state of
assign or fuel level, or control their automobile around Remote Services from
a comfort of their home. Alexa also creates it probable to consult
appointments or scheduled routes and depart times with a assistance of
a BMW Connected mobility agenda. The accessibility of Alexa in the
automobile now creates it probable to use functions enjoyed during home while out
on a highway as well.

“By creation this step of integrating Alexa into a models from
mid-2018, BMW and MINI will form a some-more unique partial of our
customers’ digital lifestyles,” remarked Dieter May, Senior Vice
President Digital Services and Business Models during a BMW Group.
“Voice control initial featured in BMW Group cars many years ago, and we
are now enhancing a functionality by adding a digital ecosystem,
that will open adult all sorts of new possibilities that business can
entrance quickly, simply and safely from their car.”

Today, 8.5 million BMW Group models worldwide are already connected.
The immeasurable series of services and infotainment comforts that can be
tranquil by voice commands in BMW models have paved a approach for the
stirring connectivity options and new digital services. A
smartphone is not compulsory to advantage from Alexa in a car, as all
BMW models and comparison MINI vehicles come versed with a built-in
SIM card. The following sustenance of online accessibility anywhere,
anytime allows a seamless formation of Alexa.

For example, business can find out that cinema are currently
display during a internal cinema, listen to their favourite playlist or
find out a continue during their end by voice authority while on
a move. And if a motorist realises mid-way by a tour that
they have lost something, they can ask Alexa to place an online
order. Alexa can also uncover applicable calm for certain skills (visual
feedback) in a BMW Display Screen or MINI Centre Instrument.

“We are vehement to work with BMW to move a Alexa knowledge to
their drivers,” pronounced Ned Curic, Vice President, Alexa Automotive.
“Using your voice to suffer calm and correlate with Alexa creates a
good pushing knowledge even better. We can’t wait for BMW customers
to try this out.” Intelligent connectivity between a automobile and the
user’s digital touchpoints is therefore relocating into a new dimension at
both BMW and MINI. Since a launch of a MINI Countryman – and the
new MINI Connected alongside it – a connectivity capabilities of the
British reward code have been constantly enhanced.

From mid-2018 Amazon Alexa will be accessible in all BMW and MINI
vehicles in USA, UK and Germany.