Diesel emissions: Individual patron information for Germany on Audi website


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• Affected models continue to be technically protected and roadworthy
• Retrofit solutions for EA 189 engines in preparation
• Information during www.audi.de or from dealers
• Action devise to be presented to a authorities in October

Every patron in Germany can find out fast and simply about his or her Audi being influenced by irregularities relating to a program used. The car’s framework series usually has to be entered on a website www.audi.de. Customers can afterwards immediately see either a automobile is affected. In a entrance week, this duty will also be accessible in a worldwide markets around inhabitant Audi websites.

Alternatively, business can already find out either their cars are influenced by their Audi dealers or a inhabitant customer-support organization. In parallel, technical solutions are being prepared with that Audi models will be retrofitted. This use movement will be presented to a obliged authorities after in October.

Audi business will be sensitive in a entrance weeks and months about how their cars will be retrofitted. The cars influenced are Audi models with 1.6‑liter or 2.0‑liter TDI diesel engines of a form EA 189 and approved according to a European glimmer customary EU5. These cars continue to be roadworthy and technically protected but any restrictions.

The 1.6-liter and 2.0‑liter TDI engines approved according to a new EU6 glimmer customary are not affected. The same relates to V6 and V8 TDI engines, irrespective of either they are approved according to EU5 or EU6.