Design, sustainability and new sensory worlds: the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt offers inspiration.

Munich. The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt is dedicated to
issues of the future. Since October 2019 it has been a new meeting
place and a modern dialog platform for the movers and shakers of
tomorrow. From a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions,
visitors will get an insight into ideas, concepts and technologies
that could shape future urban living. Over the next two months, the
motto of the series of events will be “Future Senses”. During Munich
Creative Business Week in March, the focus will be on design,
responsibility and sustainability in the city of the future. In April,
the focus will shift to concrete human sensory experiences and look at
the topics of “Sound of the Future” and “Intelligent Materials”.
Visitors to BMW Welt can attend the events at the FUTURE FORUM by BMW
Welt free of charge and without prior registration. However, the
number of places is limited. 

The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt in March 

The design of a product determines not only its appearance but also
to a large extent its ecological footprint. The link between design
and responsibility will be discussed in two keynote speeches in the
FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt and at a major event in the Double Cone
entitled “Game-Changers in Sustainability”. Munich Creative Business
Week is the occasion for this series of events. 

March 10 and 12, 2020 at 11 am: How much CO2 is there in a product?

Right from the early stages of their work, developers and designers
can ensure that the carbon footprint of a product is kept low as
possible. In an interactive presentation in the FUTURE FORUM by BMW
Welt, BMW expert Peter Tarne will explain in detail how eco-balances
are created for various products and how the environmental impacts of
products are calculated throughout their life cycle. 

March 13, 2020 at 1:30 pm: Design for the future. 

Today’s vehicle designs are already giving us a glimpse of the
future. With the BMW Vision iNEXT and the BMW i3 Urban Suite, the BMW
Group is showing that the way in which we think about mobility will
change in the future. Charlotte Kanters has played a major role in the
color and material design of the vehicles. In the FUTURE FORUM by BMW
Welt, she will talk about her creative design process, her ideas and
visions for the future and the connection between sensory impressions
and “shy tech”. 

March 14, 2020 at 2 pm: Designers Talk: Game Changers in Sustainability. 

How will the circular economy become a game changer? Representatives
from renowned companies such as adidas, the Ellen MacArthur
Foundation, ReCup and the BMW Group will speak in the Double Cone
about the power of design to bring about change, and will be sharing
their ideas. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to delve even
deeper into the topics in smaller sessions and to discuss
responsibilities and opportunities in design together with
sustainability experts from the BMW Group. Free tickets to the event
are available here.

The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt in April 

In April, the focus will be on the future of human sensory
experiences. In a few years, for example, the auditory experience in
cities could differ greatly from the current soundscape. Which sounds
will dominate? How will vehicles sound in the future? Renzo Vitale,
sound designer at the BMW Group, will be one of the speakers. 

The use of futuristic materials will also significantly alter the
haptics of many objects. Some surfaces such as floors, wallpaper and
fabrics in the fashion industry will become smart. The theme of
“Future Senses” will be explained in more detail in inspiring live formats. 

From May, the thematic focus will be on e-mobility. True to the motto
of the Future Forum of “Explore the future. Get inspired. Join the
conversation.”, exciting events with experts from a wide range of
fields and industries are being planned here. 

The complete calendar of events and further information on all the
events can be found at

The dates at a glance:

Future Forum by BMW Welt. 

When:              March and April

Where:             BMW Welt, FUTURE FORUM and Double Cone

Admission:      Free of charge (tickets for
“Game-Changers in Sustainability” on March 14 are available here for free)