Cultural evening at Audi: Variety performer Martin von Barabü on change

Changes are a nuisance for many people; everyone wants security and a sense of direction, particularly in times of major upheavals. The Audi Health department has therefore tackled the issue of change somewhat differently on Tuesday evening, February 18, and invitated the Audi employees to the cultural evening Crazy – living well with changes.” Variety performer Martin von Barabü showed in a humorous, relaxed manner how the jigsaw puzzle of life with its frequently changing motifs can take place in a reliable, stable framework. The cultural evening is part of the current Audi campaign “Jeder hat Psyche. Why not talk about it?”. This campaign has been in existence since last year’s World Mental Health Day (October 10). The goal of the campaign is to help people deal with the issue of mental health in a more natural manner. To this end, additional formats are planned for Audi employees in the months to come.

In the conversation, Martin von Barabü took a look at the issue of “Changes” from different perspectives, together with the following experts. Their statements:

  • Ute Heinrich, Audi Occupational Health, project manager “Jeder hat Psyche. Why not talk about it?”:The campaign has brought about a lot of change – people are finding the strength to talk about their mind.”

  • Andreas Schuld, Senior physician in the Center for Mental Health, Ingolstadt Clinic:
    The world is moving faster and faster – how can I find my balance?”

  • Peter Mosch, Chairperson of the General Works Council at AUDI AG and patron of the campaign “Jeder hat Psyche”:
    Many employees are unsettled due to the imminent changes in working life.

  • Andreas Zelzer, Head of Audi HR Ingolstadt:
    Value the old – welcome the new.”

  • Andreas Haller, Head of Audi Occupational Health:
    Since more and more people are engaging in less physical and more mental work, the issue of mental health in occupational medicine is becoming more and more important.