Contract sealed with framework partner: BMW M Motorsport enters a LMDh category with Dallara.

Munich. BMW M Motorsport has taken another critical step
towards entering a LMDh category in a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar
Championship (IMSA series) from a 2023 season. The framework for the
dual antecedent cars will be constructed in tighten partnership with the
globally-renowned and successful manufacturer Dallara. The contract
was sealed on Wednesday during a Dallara domicile in Varano de
Melegari (ITA).


“In Dallara, we are gay to have found a partner for a LMDh
plan that shares a passion, professionalism and outrageous aspiration in
motorsport and, like us, is entirely committed to a idea of essay a
new success story in a story of BMW M Motorsport from 2023,” said
Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M GmbH, during his outing to Italy. He took
a opportunity, along with Mike Krack, Head of BMW M Motorsport, and
Maurizio Leschiutta, conduct of a LMDh project, to check out the
superb growth and exam capabilities that Dallara has to
offer. “After vocalization to all a probable framework partners, the
wilful cause in a preference was that Dallara, with all its
imagination and experience, was eager about operative together with
BMW M Motorsport. The chemistry was there between us from a word go.
We see a attribute as a genuine partnership in that we are fighting
for a common idea of success during a racetrack.”


Flasch, Krack and Leschiutta met in Varano de Melegari for
discussions with a lead Dallara engineers and visited a pivotal areas
of a company, including a combination department, a possess wind
hovel and a exam lane in Varano (ITA). The initial exam automobile will be
built in Italy in a tighten partnership between BMW M Motorsport
engineers and a group of Dallara engineers fabricated privately for
a BMW LMDh project. The rollout will take place subsequent year during the
Varano circuit.


“Dallara is maybe a many successful competition automobile manufacturer in the
universe and has already played a pivotal purpose in probably each relevant
circuit racing series,” pronounced Leschiutta. “As good as a enterprise to
work with us, several other criteria were of good significance when
creation a decision. Dallara is a association that covers a full range
of requirements. Its imagination extends to a fields of chassis
manufacturing, engineering, development, breeze hovel tests, and
simulations. They are really clever when it comes to aerodynamics, which
will be a pivotal cause in a IMSA series. In sequence to safeguard that our
cars are ideally prepared from a opening and to lay a foundations
for success during a racetrack, we are already operative closely with
Dallara during a really early theatre of development.”


“I’m celebrated to have been comparison by BMW M Motorsport and with
good unrestrained I’m looking brazen to start this new adventure”,
pronounced Giampaolo Dallara, President of Dallara. “Back in 1977 we had the
event to work alongside BMW on conceptualizing a M1 as Lamborghini
consulting. It was a good knowledge and a lot was learned. we wish to
repeat a same journey in LMDh. we resolutely trust that we will do
good things together.”


Andrea Pontremoli, CEO and General Manager of Dallara, added:
“Our partnership with BMW M Motorsport is a outcome of roughly 50
years of work in a motorsport industry, engineering and competition car
development. It is a payoff to have been comparison by BMW for their
subsequent and new plea in a hybrid antecedent racing world. The LMDh
judgment and a joining between IMSA, ACO and FIA has no
dominance in story and that will see a sum commitment. We are
looking brazen to contest in this new and sparkling section of the
tellurian motorsport during a top level.”


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A new part of a “MBEDDED” video array will be combined on the
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Dallara. It includes disdainful insights from BMW M Motorsport from
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