“Consumer Reports”: Audi a many arguable European automobile code in a United States

“The really high position in a Consumer Reports confirms a genuine piece charity by a Audi indication operation in a United States,” commented Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG. “By charity a U.S. customers convincing products, we have paved a approach for a stability certain growth in a American market.”

The code with a 4 rings builds on a clever opening in a “Consumer Reports”. It was already a best European manufacturer in a past 3 years (2012: 8th, 2013: 4th and 2014: 5th). Audi now advances to 3rd in a rankings. Its closest European opposition code is in 10th place and a closest European reward aspirant in 11th place.

“Consumer Reports”, that is released monthly, is published by a consumer insurance classification of a same name. The repository has over 7 million subscribers. As a nonprofit announcement it is hold in high courtesy and a discipline yield a pledge of despotic impartiality. Every year, “Consumer Reports” examines thousands of products in some-more than 50 laboratories.

For their latest trustworthiness ranking, a U.S. experts evaluated information on over 740,000 automobiles submitted to them by their readers and online users over a past twelve months.