Competitive sailing for meridian research: BMW supports Team Malizia in a “Ocean Challenge” environmental initiative.

  • Pierre Casiraghi’s sailing competition group Malizia will gather
    profitable information on a tellurian dissemination of CO2 in the
    Vendée Globe race, that Boris Herrmann will competition in Nov 2020.
  • The toughest regatta in a universe will take Herrmann to the
    Antarctic Ocean, that is formidable to entrance and of particular
    seductiveness in a margin of science.
  • BMW contributes to on-board electronic measuring equipment.
  • Protection of a oceans is apropos of increasing
    significance in preparation materials in schools.
  • Sustainability is an constituent member of a corporate
    plan of a BMW Group.


Hamburg/Munich. When Boris Herrmann becomes a initial German
to competition a toughest regatta in a world, a Vendée Globe, in
2020, he not usually wants to cruise around a creation producing zero
emissions. Team Malizia will also use a movement to accumulate important
information for meridian research, while also creation propagandize children more
wakeful of a need to strengthen a oceans of a world. This objective
is cumulated in a beginning “Ocean Challenge”, that is supported
by group partner BMW. BMW is concerned in a electronic measuring
equipment, that will be integrated on house a IMOCA 60.
Sustainability is an constituent partial of a corporate plan of the
BMW Group. Moreover, BMW and a Team Malizia engineers are working
on a growth of a 0 emissions choice to a 380kg
diesel engine (including fuel), that is also on house for safety
reasons. An electric engine with BMW i battery record is one
intensity choice for channel a oceans though hoary fuels.

Throughout a campaign, Herrmann will cruise a sum of 70,000
nautical miles, in partial with Pierre Casiraghi, a Malizia team
owner and youngest son of Princess Caroline of Monaco. In
partnership with a Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in
Hamburg, and a Kiel GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, the
racing yacht “Malizia” as a sensor section on board, that measures the
C02 and salt content, as good as a heat of the
water. Team Malizia will be make-up an additional 35 kilograms of weight on
house and regulating an additional 24 watts of electricity to collect the
profitable data.

Scientists trust that during slightest 30 percent of a CO dioxide in
a atmosphere is engrossed by a oceans, 3 buliding of that is
in a Antarctic Ocean. This affects a vital organisms in the
underwater world. Investigating and counteracting a consequences is
a essential charge for a destiny of a subsequent generation. At a same
time, there is usually arguable information for around 5 percent of the
oceans – that is loyal of a Antarctic Ocean in particular, where
there is no blurb seafaring. In a Vendée Globe, Herrmann will
cruise in precisely this region, and yield a singular information that climate
investigate so badly needs in sequence to improved know and indication the
tellurian dissemination of CO2.

Sustainability, innovations and complete investigate is also a path
that a BMW Group is holding with a BMW i, a extensive concept
for tolerable and idealist mobility. Which is because BMW is not only
collaborating with Team Malizia to rise a 0 emissions solution
for a on-board electronics, though is also whole-heartedly supporting
Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi in a “Ocean Challenge”.

The second aspect of a plan is to get children meddlesome in the
campaign, though essentially in safeguarding a oceans. The aim is to get
a younger era on house and to make them some-more wakeful of a key
emanate for a future. At many of a starting and finishing locations,
there will be children’s press conferences and sailing trips with the
younger generation. Additionally, normal and digital training and
experiential resources will be grown underneath a titular leadership
of educationalist Birte Lorenzen. The Ocean Challenge is determined to
tighten partnership with during slightest 10 schools in 6 countries
(Germany, France, Monaco, Italy, Great Britain, USA).

For Boris Herrmann, a goal is on a same turn as sporting
success: “It’s not adequate to simply cruise fast. We need to take caring of
a component and safeguard that a younger era understands and
internalises a significance of purify seas.”