Commercial agreement between Fiat-Chrysler and Intesa Sanpaolo

  • Partners launch module of special offers for automobile leases and purchases
  • Fiat-Chrysler and Intesa Sanpaolo join army to support families, a self-employed and tiny businesses by affordable mobility
  • The agreement furthers a partnership instituted between a dual groups as Official Global Partners of Expo 2015
  • A blurb module of special offers including automobile leases, new automobile financing and after sales services will be developed


Fiat-Chrysler and Intesa Sanpaolo have launched a blurb partnership to yield business of Intesa Sanpaolo Group banks disdainful offers for a franchise or squeeze of newcomer cars and blurb vehicles, in further to after sales services.


The agreement was sealed by Alfredo Altavilla, COO EMEA Region for Fiat-Chrysler Group and Stefano Barrese, Marketing Director and Director of Planning and Management Control for Intesa Sanpaolo Group.


The partnership furthers a partnership between a dual groups who are both Official Global Partners of Expo Milano 2015, a concept carnival to be hold in Milan from May 1st to Oct 31st subsequent year. Fiat-Chrysler is to yield a swift of vehicles that will be used for ride inside a drift of Expo Milano 2015 and as pleasantness cars for a countless delegations scheduled to attend a event. Intesa Sanpaolo has grown a far-reaching operation of initiatives for suppliers, sponsors and visitors focused in sold on a Smart City, Food and Tourism sectors. In addition, tickets for a Expo will be accessible for squeeze from organisation banks around branches, ATMs and internet banking.


The evident design of a new partnership is to support households and tiny businesses by providing affordable solutions for mobility, that can paint one of a singular largest expenditures. Italian consumers have voiced an augmenting requirement for banks and businesses to rise new products and services that some-more closely accommodate their needs and capacitate them to facilitate their lives, though costing them more.

This partnership between Fiat-Chrysler and Intesa Sanpaolo, leaders in a business and banking worlds, also addresses a need for petrify movement to kindle a liberation in domestic consumption. 1


From a commencement of October, business of organisation banks will be means to obtain a automobile franchise – only as corporate fleets have for years – with appealing remuneration terms that can be noticed on line. This regulation packages a cost of owning a automobile into an comprehensive monthly remuneration that offers assets on permit and registration fees and tax, insurance, upkeep and other amazing costs.


Other elements of a module to be finalized by Intesa Sanpaolo and Fiat-Chrysler embody corner offers for new automobile purchases and special offers on after sales services.


For Alfredo Altavilla, a agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo “brings together dual really critical players in a inhabitant economy to offer services to everybody that will urge daily mobility, as we have already finished with a automobile pity programs. Our organisation produces cars that are increasingly greener, technologically-advanced and comfortable. It is also important, however, that each other aspect of mobility accommodate a expectations of consumers. Today’s agreement is a step in that direction.”



Stefano Barrese commented that a agreement with Fiat-Chrysler “enables us to strengthen a offer in an area that represents a vital cost for households and businesses alike. Some time ago, Intesa Sanpaolo set a aim of apropos a provider of choice for 11.5 million business – not only for banking and investment services, though also in other pivotal areas such as insurance, purchases, and payments. In addition, a Bank has extended bend hours, including after business hours and Saturday mornings, as good as providing entrance to products and services around write and on line.”


Turin, 26 Sep 2014


1 According to a investigate on consumer trends conducted by GfK Eurisko for Intesa Sanpaolo, final updated in Aug 2014, consumer certainty has softened given a commencement of a year. In fact, 6 million some-more Italians have voiced a some-more certain perspective of their mercantile circumstances. However, Italian consumers sojourn intensely discreet when it comes to spending and containing domicile output is still a vital care for 43% of consumers.