Comfortable in your own skin: Custom graphics for your Beetle

Beetle drivers have always been unique. (Don’t worry; we mean that in a good way). We not only appreciate your individuality—we celebrate it. In fact, we even have a way for you to personalize your beloved Bug.

Available through VW dealerships, the Volkswagen Second Skin Custom Graphics program is a quick and simple way to personalize your Beetle. All the graphics—from the words Volkswagen, Beetle, Bug and Turbo to racing stripes and more—are available in various colors and finishes and are designed exclusively for the Beetle. They’re made by 3M Original Wraps, a company that works closely with Volkswagen to ensure a perfect fit.

Wanna add a little flair to your Beetle? It’s as easy as clicking and sticking. Just go to, choose the graphics you want, print out your order summary and contact your local Volkswagen dealer. Your dealer will order the graphics you selected, which will then be shipped to your VW dealer for installation by a certified installer.

Be sure to check out how other VW owners have customized their cars and share your photos with us to show your unique Beetle to the world.

Tell us: how would you customize your Beetle?


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