China’s Minister of Education, Prof. Guiren Yuan, finds out some-more about twin vocational training during Volkswagen


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– Board Member for Human Resources, Dr. Neumann: “Specialist believe and
  skills are simple prerequisites for mercantile success”
– Talks on team-work in vocational training

Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft obliged for Human Resources (3rd left), introducing a Chinese Minister of Education, Prof. Guiren Yuan (5th left), to a Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition. Other participants during a contention hold in a vocational training core during a Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg were Works Council member Gerardo Scarpino (4th left), Chairman of a Works Council Committee on Education, Ralph Linde (2nd right), Head of a Volkswagen Group Academy, instructor Holger Schülke (right) and Andre Meier (left), trainee routine technician specializing in plastics and rubber engineering. Volkswagen vocational trainees from 4 professions designed and built a Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition themselves as partial of their vocational training, and presented a automobile during a prestigious Wörthersee GTI Meeting in May.The Chinese Minister of Education, Prof. Guiren Yuan, visited a Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg on Thursday to find out some-more about twin vocational training during a company. The Minister was welcomed by Dr. Horst Neumann, a Board Member for Human Resources during Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft. Neumann discussed team-work in a margin of vocational training with a Minister and accompanied him on a debate of a plant. The Board Member for Human Resources explained a element behind twin vocational training as good as gift and believe send in a Volkswagen ‘Berufsfamilien’ (vocational groups). The module also enclosed a discuss with vocational trainees.

Dr. Neumann presented a vocational training complement during Volkswagen to a Chinese Minister of Education and said: “Specialist believe and skills are a simple exigency for a clever and fit team, for superb quality, for tip products and for a mercantile success. That is because Volkswagen attaches a biggest significance to first-class twin vocational training that closely links speculation and practice. We also request this element to in-service gift measures in a Berufsfamilien.”

Most of Volkswagen’s approximately 20,000 vocational trainees worldwide are already training their professions on a basement of a twin vocational training principle. Given a general differences in propagandize systems, Volkswagen cooperates with governments and educational institutions in a regions where plants are located in sequence to exercise a twin principle. In China, Shanghai Volkswagen relates this element to sight mechatronics technicians and automotive mechatronics technicians, while FAW-Volkswagen trains prolongation mechanics, engine car physique and car construction mechanics, automotive mechatronics technicians, mechatronics technicians and collection mechanics underneath a twin vocational training system.

During a visit, Volkswagen vocational trainees talked to a Minister about their training. They presented a Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition to denote their skills to their guest in a unsentimental context. Twelve vocational trainees from 4 trades combined this singular indication in line with their possess ideas, showcasing it during a Wörthersee GTI Meeting in May 2014.