Chill out: Audi e-tron antecedent alone on a large stage

The scenario: vast theatre for a Audi e-tron prototype
In a Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen, a code with a 4 rings is showcasing a interior of a Audi e-tron antecedent for a initial time. Where actors and performers routinely seem in front of an assembly of adult to 650 people, a splendid spotlight is now focused on a all-electric powered full-size SUV. Still wrapped in a specific e-tron camouflage, a Audi e-tron antecedent demonstrates a versatile interior pattern to a open – with a levity of a ballet dancer, a comprehension of a impression actor and a opening of an show singer. Like a unison hall, a electric SUV also offers a pristine sound experience, pampering a motorist and a passengers as an choice with a 3D sound of a Bang Olufsen Premium Sound System. This complement reproduces a song precisely how it was available – though any synthetic effects. All interjection to 16 loudspeakers and an amplifier delivering adult to 705 watts of power.

Cubist pattern denunciation and unsentimental extraneous mirrors: a interior design
The theatre in a interior of a Audi e-tron antecedent forms a vast arc, a wraparound. It envelops a endless instrument quarrel with conspicuous plane lines as distant turn as a sculptural doorway trims. It incorporates harmoniously a hood above a customary Audi unsentimental cockpit whose neat arrangement stands visually giveaway in a space, as good as a displays of a discretionary unsentimental extraneous mirrors. These mirrors will be creation their universe premiere in a volume-production chronicle of a Audi e-tron prototype, holding in-car digitization to a whole new level.

The unsentimental extraneous mirrors not customarily yield a new record experience, though also many unsentimental advantages in terms of comfort and safety. Their prosaic support integrates a tiny camera whose picture is digitally processed and shown on high-contrast 7-inch OLED displays in a interior. The motorist can enter opposite settings regulating a touchscreen function. The picture fact can be moved, providing a compulsory margin of vision, while a user can also wizz in and out of a image. The motorist can select from 3 views in a MMI complement for opposite situations – for highway driving, for branch and for parking.

Another eye-catching underline in a interior is a core hovel console that rests on open sidewalls. The palm rest with integrated rigging change push appears to boyant above a console. Lightness and opening are fused into one. The whole driver’s area is focused precisely on a driver.

Electrification brought to life: materials and workmanship
In any apparatus line, a interior of a Audi e-tron antecedent presents delicately concurrent upholstery materials, colors and inlays. Whether polished Valcona leather or dim brushed aluminum for a sporty look, a electric SUV meets a top peculiarity standards in terms of craftsmanship and choice of materials. The stitching on a seats creates a design suggestive of electric circuit boards. As an option, resisting stitching and piping in orange mount out brightly – holding their evidence from a high-voltage electrical system. The discretionary contour/ambient lighting package illuminates a surfaces subtly and traces precisely a interior’s simple lines. The e-tron badge in a instrument quarrel is also backlit.

Ample space for 5 occupants: spaciousness
With a prolonged wheelbase of 2,928 millimeters (9.6 ft), a Audi e-tron antecedent has plenty space for 5 occupants and their bags. Interior length, conduct room in front and back as good as knee room in a second chair quarrel are top-class in a full-size SUV segment. In a rear, a prosaic plateau – instead of a core hovel customarily found in required models – creates additional space.

Almost perfect: a clarity of ease onboard
With a multiple of electric expostulate and a comfortable, worldly interior, a Audi e-tron antecedent creates a new clarity of mobility. Especially when pushing in a city, it radiates an roughly ideal clarity of calm. The customarily sounds are from a tires and a peaceful sound of the electric motors. The acoustic comfort is one of a strengths of all Audi models. The Audi e-tron antecedent raises this turn even further, so charity superb long-distance comfort. Its physique has special soundproofing and sealing in all zones that could broadcast sound interference. The breeze noise, that dominates a acoustic notice during speeds from around 85 km/h (52.8 mph), hardly gets by to a occupants. As such, a passengers can speak to any other absolutely even during high speeds.

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