Celebration during Höljes: Audi motorist Bakkerud reclaims World RX position two

What a weekend in a Swedish woods! 51,600 spectators done for a record audience and a festival atmosphere during a World RX season’s apex event. Particularly active nonetheless again were Andreas Bakkerud’s fans, who flocked to Höljes and dismissed adult a throng with their chants. The cheers were generally shrill when their favourite on a final path of a final clinched second place in his 580-hp Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. For a Norwegian, this noted an extraordinary fifth uninterrupted Supercar lectern during Höljes.

“It was a illusory weekend with retaining races and a illusory final in front of my vast series of Bakkerud-Blue fans,” pronounced a Audi driver. “Thank we to EKS Audi Sport that gave me such a good car. I’m unapproachable of this result.”

Bakkerud was in position 4 after a gift races. Following a feat in a semi-finals, he started from a front quarrel in a final. Right from a start a Audi motorist was following a successive winner, Johan Kristoffersson in a Volkswagen, in second place. This position was quickly in danger on a final path when Bakkerud did his “Joker Lap” and forsaken behind a Peugeot of Timmy Hansen. However, Bakkerud immediately reclaimed a mislaid spot.

The duel between Bakkerud and Hansen indirectly meant difficulty for Mattias Ekström who was immediately behind these dual and overtook a Peugeot shortly before a finish as well. There was hit between a cars during this scheme that meant a finish of Hansen’s race. Consequently, Ekström was handed a chastisement retroactively relegating him from third to sixth place.

“In a subordinate races, we were detrimental with a grid positions,” pronounced Ekström. “This slowed us down rather via a weekend. We were also lacking speed. In a final, my automobile was a fastest, though from fifth on a grid it’s formidable to pierce forward. The final path was a genuine challenge. Andreas was directly in front of me when Timmy apparently had a problem. we attempted to pass him as well. Our tires touched, though we managed to stay on track. Still, a weekend was okay. Andreas did a good pursuit with second place and we’ll continue to fight.”

Höljes noted a finish of a initial half of a World RX season. After a brief break, it will continue on Aug 4/5 with a initial abroad competition during Trois-Rivières (Canada).