Celebrating 90 Years of GM’s Milford Proving Ground

Celebrating 90 Years of GM’s Milford Proving Ground

Safety contrast moves from obsolete to high-tech over a decades






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DETROIT – When a General Motors Milford Proving Ground non-stop in 1924 – 90 years ago this Oct – engineers lacked modernized collection and record for reserve testing. Judging from this video, some competence contend a usually pile-up exam dummies behind afterwards were human.

Engineers currently keep their stretch during pile-up tests. No some-more roving a regulating play until seconds before impact. Inside a vehicles being tested are heavily instrumented manlike exam inclination – dummies – who constraint a information for that engineers once risked their lives.

“The record used currently to investigate vehicles is distant higher to a past, though a goal stays a same, put vehicles to a exam in a name of safety,” pronounced Jack Jensen, a GM engineering organisation manager for a manikin lab and a GM Technical Fellow. “We have some-more worldly dummies, computers to guard crashes and new comforts to observe opposite forms of intensity hazards.

“All those things together give a engineers a ability to pattern a extended operation of vehicles that safely get a business where they need to go.”

GM has supposing business with many industry-firsts regulating a Milford Proving Ground to exam a developments:

  • Patent-pending child patience chair pillow prolongation feature: A shred reserve first, a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon burst chair headrest can be private from a behind of a chair on extrinsic into a bottom to give a child chair some-more area to lay on
  • Belt declaration system: The industry-first keeps drivers from changeable from “park” if not buckled up, will be rising in Q4 of 2014 on a singular organisation of swift vehicles
  • Front core atmosphere bag: GM was a initial manufacturer to deliver a underline in 2013 on all full distance crossovers, it will also be on a all-new 2015 full distance utilities
  • Rollover exam facility: GM was a initial North American automobile manufacturer to build a rollover exam facility, that non-stop in 2006.
  • Test dummies: In a early 1980s, GM’s reserve group grown several dummies, including a Hybrid III, that became a concept customary for frontal pile-up contrast and stays so currently opposite a globe.

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