Calder Foundation and BMW present: Calder BMW Art Car (Artist’s Proof). Artist’s Proof on arrangement during Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, for a opening of “Alexander Calder: Minimal / Maximal.”

New York/Munich/Berlin. Calder Foundation and BMW are
gratified to announce a display of a Calder BMW Art Car
(Artist’s Proof)
for a opening day of “Alexander Calder:
Minimal / Maximal” during a Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin on Aug 22,
2021. Conceived by BMW Group Classic for a Calder Foundation, the
Artist’s Proof realizes Calder’s dream of formulating his possess instance of
a initial BMW Art Car, handling as a kinetic work of art that the
artist intended.

Alexander S. C. Rower, grandson of a artist and boss of the
Calder Foundation, recalls, “I initial encountered a BMW Art Car as a
child during a opening of my grandfather’s far-ranging retrospective at
a Whitney Museum in 1976. we asked him about a bark of a M49
engine, and he smiled and told me he wanted to make one for himself.
He died usually a few weeks later. Ever since, we have dreamed of
realizing his wish to move a vehicle to life to knowledge a full
excellence in motion. we am anxious that that day has finally come, and
that a vehicle will be activated for a opening of a Neue
Nationalgalerie’s ‘Minimal / Maximal’ exhibition, that highlights the
pivotal component of amicable activation so elemental to Calder’s work.”

It is critical to note that a Artist’s Proof is not a replica,
clone, copy, reproduction, facsimile, or 1:1 of a 1975 Calder BMW
Art Car. Rather, it is a matching Artist’s Proof that Calder was
entitled to though was never satisfied until now. Meticulously built from
an strange BMW 3.0 CSL, a Artist’s Proof will lift a same
Vehicle Identification Number, with a appendix “AP” (227592/AP).

The story behind Calder’s mythological BMW Art Car originated not in the
automotive though rather a aeronautical sphere. In 1974, French
auctioneer and racecar motorist Hervé Poulain visited Calder during his
studio in Saché, France, to introduce translating a artist’s recent
partnership with Braniff International Airways into a universe of
cars; Calder’s embellished DC-8-62 airplane, inaugurated in 1973, had been
extravagantly successful. BMW and Poulain consecrated Calder to paint a
pattern on a BMW to be raced during a 24 Heures du Mans in 1975. The
outcome was a useful partnership that spurred an whole Art Car
module during BMW—a prestigious, high-profile crossover with a art
world. After Calder’s Art Car was raced during Le Mans, it was
subsequently exhibited during a artist’s sprawling retrospective during the
Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City in 1976, where it
assigned a distinguished place in a museum for a run of the
unusually renouned exhibition.

Poulain recalls, “It was a stirring impulse as a immature motorist to meet
a good American artist Alexander Calder during his home in Saché.
Racing what became a initial in a storied tradition of prestigious Art
Cars is a memory we will never forget. we am gay that some-more people
will now get to knowledge Calder’s vision, interjection to this new
Artist’s Proof.”

The Calder Foundation and BMW Group Classic consulted with key
members of a strange group to comprehend this project, including not
usually Poulain though also Jochen Neerpasch, who was a pivotal believer of the
BMW Art Car array from a beginning, and Walter Maurer, who did the
technical portrayal of a Calder BMW Art Car in 1975 as good as of the
Artist’s Proof in 2021.

Following a entrance in Berlin, a Calder BMW Art Car (Artist’s
Proof) will be presented during The Bridge in Bridgehampton, New York, on
Sep 18, 2021. The Calder Foundation will subsequently lend
Calder’s Artist’s Proof to exhibitions worldwide.

On a arise of 50 years of a informative engagement, BMW has
recently assimilated army with Acute Art to trigger a singular virtual
exhibition. Since Jul 21 and for a initial time ever, a BMW Art Car
by Alexander Calder and a eminent BMW Art Car Collection are being
exhibited in protracted existence (AR) around a giveaway Acute Art app,
imprinting a initial time that a digital rolling sculptures are
permitted to everybody around a universe during any time.

Not usually BMW Group Cultural Engagement though also a BMW 3.0 CSL
celebrates a 50th anniversary in 2021. The BMW 3.0 CSL is
not usually a fable as a BMW Art Car. As a sequence version, it was
launched alongside a BMW 3.0 CSi in 1971 and was tangible by the
characteristics of a name: coupé, sport, lightweight. Produced in
tiny array commencement in 1971, a lightweight coupés fast became
quite important. The BMW 3.0 CSL was raced with a famous BMW
Motorsport Works colors from 1973 on and triumphed 6 times in the
European Touring Car Championship. The BMW 3.0 CSL is still one of the
many iconic cars in a BMW vehicle history.

Calder BMW Art Car (Artist’s Proof), 1975 / 2021 on
Alexander Calder: Minimal / Maximal
Potsdamer Straße 50, 10785 Berlin
Aug 22, 2021, from 10:00am–6:00pm

The Bridge
1180 Millstone Rd, Bridgehampton, NY
Saturday, Sep 18–Sunday, Sep 19, 2021


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