Cadillac Live Expands to the U.S.

Cadillac Live Expands to the U.S.

American customers can now log on to Cadillac’s innovative luxury offering for one-on-one digital showroom appointments





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Following a successful launch in Canada, Cadillac Live is expanding into the US market to allow more consumer access to its luxury car shopping experience. In the U.S., the experience can be accessed via, and allows American shoppers to make one-way video calls with a live agent using any mobile or desktop device. From there clients can ask questions, discuss features or ask agents to show them different Cadillac models in closer detail.

The expansion of Cadillac Live is driven by recent research showing that 95 per cent of vehicle buyers in the U.S. use digital resources when making a purchase. Twice as many car shoppers begin this research online versus at a dealership, and they find video content to be the most engaging. In addition, 71 per cent of these customers switched to a competitor’s product after finding the selection process easier.

Shane Peever, managing director, Cadillac Canada, said, “This U.S. expansion represents a major victory for Cadillac customers. They will now have access to the most convenient research tool for their next vehicle purchase.”

The one-way video set-up maintains consumer privacy, something of high importance to many luxury buyers. Cadillac Live is also a time-saving tool that’s ideal for tech-savvy professionals who don’t have space in their schedules for multiple dealership visits.

“Luxury consumers are looking for a seamless, one-on-one shopping experience, whether online or in person,” said Melissa Grady, chief marketing officer for Cadillac. “Cadillac Live offers a high degree of personal service with time-saving conveniences and extended hours, reflecting today’s evolving shopping habits and our customers’ expectations.”

Cadillac Live is available seven days a week: Monday–Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. ET; on Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET; and on Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. The showroom features models like the all new XT6, as well as next generation CT4 and CT5 sedans.

Users can start their own personal sessions, view a pre-recorded session, or book a different time that fits their schedule. Following an appointment, if desired, they can connect with a local Cadillac dealership to take the next steps on their path to purchase.

More information on Cadillac Live can be found here.