Bungled Saturday during Formula E competition in Paris

Round 6 of a deteriorate in a French collateral was an eventuality that Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport is going to fast marker adult to experience. Last year’s leader Lucas di Grassi usually competent for position 13 and his teammate, Daniel Abt, usually for 16th on a grid. Consequently, a fact that, following a vote, Formula E fans upheld both campaigners of Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport with additional energy around FanBoost on a slight 1.92-kilometer circuit around a Dôme des Invalides was of no assistance either.

For Lucas di Grassi, a Paris competition started to spin violent on path 16 when he was pushed into a ensure rail during an overtaking maneuver. The Brazilian was means to continue his competition and switch to a second automobile during a neutralization triggered by this accident. However, since his group sent him out again too early, he had to offer a drive-through chastisement while using in position 16. Left but any possibility that way, a group altered a plan and, during another array stop, optimized a automobile for a office of an additional indicate for a fastest competition path – that on a 47th of 49 competition laps, however, finished in an outing into a lane barrier. The reserve automobile duration triggered by this occurrence neutralized a competition until a mottled dwindle fell.

For Daniel Abt, a competition took an hapless spin as well. After a motorist from Kempten had recovered a largest series of positions in a whole margin and spectacularly modernized from position 16 on a grid to 6th place, a 24-year-old, on a final path of a neutralized competition a few meters in front of a mottled flag, pennyless down with a battery government forsake and was eventually personal in 13th place. It would have been a fourth uninterrupted top-seven position for a immature German who ranks in tenth place of a drivers’ standings.

In annoy of carrying finished out of a points for a initial time this season, Lucas di Grassi, after 6 of twelve races, will be roving to Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport’s home turn as a runner-up in a drivers’ standings. On Jun 10 and 11, a German fans will be witnessing dual races during a former airfield in Berlin-Tempelhof.

A word from … Team Director Hans-Jürgen Abt

The competition in Paris, no doubt, did not accommodate your expectations…
Hans-Jürgen Abt: “Setbacks like this one occur in motorsport – and generally in Formula E where racing is literally close. Obviously, we’re all in low spirits during a moments – a drivers only like all a engineers and mechanics. But we’ve had many good successes and are going to get over this result. we wish that now we’ve used adult all a set-back for this deteriorate and are going to strike behind in only 3 weeks’ time.”

So a dream of a championship is alive?
“Of course, it is. We’ve fundamentally been competing for a pretension for 3 years. And a outcome like a one currently doesn’t change a opinion of always fighting adult until a finish line in any way. So, we’ve got a good plea now for Berlin…”

It also strikes us that we and your group are a ones to broach a unequivocally vast surprises and sensations. What’s a secret?
“As a group director, I’d infrequently cite us – like a opposition Sébastien Buemi – to be in row during a front in roughly all events and to move a victories home. But in a case, there’s mostly a small play involved. That creates it so most sweeter to quarrel behind as a team. After all, that’s explanation of a special strength in a team.”

How vehement are we about a arriving home turn in Berlin?
“Berlin is always a unequivocally special eventuality for us as a German group and, with a double lectern final year, was apparently a good one. We’re anticipating for vital support by a German fans in a collateral city. The unrestrained of a Berliners for superb events can always be inspired. We’re charity them a singular perspective of sporty electric mobility.”

Audi is increasingly display a colors in your group and will be entirely committed from a subsequent deteriorate on. Has a vast series of “Audians” announced their assemblage in Berlin?
“Yes, we know that many members of a Audi family are going to use a event to watch Formula E live now – even some members of a house of government have announced their attendance. We’re unapproachable that Audi is creation a factory-backed joining to Formula E. We’ve been operative together with Audi unequivocally good in factory-backed racing for over 20 years now. We were a pioneers in terms of Formula E and apparently wish that we’re still going to applaud a vast series of vital successes together with Audi and a other partners. We wouldn’t mind starting to do so in 3 weeks from now…”