Buick Becomes First Canadian Automotive Brand to Launch on a WeChat Social Media Platform

Buick Becomes First Canadian Automotive Brand to Launch on a WeChat Social Media Platform

WeChat participation demonstrates brand’s joining to Chinese-Canadian consumers






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Oshawa, Ontario (Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017) –Today, Buick Canada is gratified to announce their Canadian participation on WeChat, a China-based amicable media platform. A absolute and multi-functional amicable media app, WeChat is home to over 800 million active accounts globally, with over 70 million users located outward China.

Buick Canada’s code open platform, active as of today, will concede users to locate adult with a brand’s news.

“Buick has a abounding code story in China, as one of a many reward oppulance brands that sells over a million cars each year,” said, Mike Speranzini, code executive of, Buick in Canada. “Canada brings together people of all kinds of backgrounds who rest on a different set of collection to stay connected in their bland lives. With so many Chinese Canadians active on WeChat, this amicable media height was a healthy choice for us to continue a Buick code connection here in Canada.”

As partial of Buick’s introduction to WeChat, a code will use a height to take partial in Chinese New Year celebrations yet mall activations on Jan 28th with live activations in Toronto and Vancouver. Subsequently, a Buick WeChat comment will be a heart of news, promotions and events dedicated to a brand’s product line-up, launches and sell offers. The calm will be focused on aptitude to Chinese audiences, and during a after date a association skeleton to offer functionality including engagement a exam drive, joining with a dealer, joining with other owners and other member privileges.

About Buick in Canada

Buick is an general complicated oppulance code charity vehicles with sculpted designs, lush interiors and courteous personal technologies, along with responsive-yet-efficient performance. Buick is attracting new business with the portfolio of award-winning oppulance models in North America and China. Learn some-more about Buick cars and crossovers during www.buick.ca, on Twitter @BuickCanada or during www.facebook.com/BuickCanada.