BMW SIM News, Aug 2021.


After a summer mangle of dual and a half months, a second half of
this year’s BMW SIM GT Cup deteriorate started with 3 races in August.
This time, a world’s best sim racers were competing during a circle of
a practical BMW M4 GT3, carrying finished a races during a first
half of a deteriorate with a BMW M8 GTE. Tuomas Tähtelä and Pekka
Tuomainen (both FIN) from a KOVA group claimed feat in a opening
competition with a BMW M4 GT3 on 1st Aug during a Imola circuit, booking
their sheet for a year’s final during BMW SIM Live 2021. The teams in
second to fifth positions competent for a Season 2 finale, which
gives them another possibility to secure a mark during a year’s final. They
will contest opposite a teams channel a line in second to fifth
positions in a other 3 races holding place in a second half of
a season. Teams and drivers that have already competent from Season
1 will not be personal in these standings. Others will pierce adult to
take their places. Two serve spots have already been claimed.
Alejandro Sánchez and Cristian Lamela (both ESP) from a MSI eSports
group will both be there after triumphing in a second competition in August
during a practical Circuit of a Americas. The third competition during a ‘Mount
Panorama Circuit’ in Bathurst was won by Maximilian Benecke (GER) and
Enzo Bonito (ITA) from Team Redline. However, as they had already
competent for BMW SIM Live, a tickets went to their team-mates Chris
Lulham (GBR) and Patrik Holzmann (GER) in second place. One more
unchanging competition is scheduled for 24th Oct during a Monza circuit. The
Season 2 culmination during a Hockenheimring will take place on 14th
November. There will afterwards be 24 drivers reliable to competition off for the
year’s pretension during BMW SIM Live 2021. Defending champion is Joshua Rogers
(AUS) from a Coanda Simsport team. He has already cumulative his return
to a culmination by claiming a win in a practical BMW M8 GTE in a first
half of a season.


BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup.

Just like a BMW SIM GT Cup, a BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup also
kicked off a second half of this year’s deteriorate in August. The
settings for a dual races hold so distant were a circuits of Monza
and Sebring, where Diogo Silva (POR) from a GTC Race Center group and
Lorenz Hörzing (AUT) from a Jochen Schweizer Sim Racing Team secured
their places during BMW SIM Live 2021. Silva indispensable no some-more than a
fourth-place finish in a opening race, as a 3 drivers on the
lectern had already claimed their tickets for a culmination in a first
half of a season. The win went to Erhan Jajovski (MKD). The second
competition during a practical Sebring International Raceway was won by Michal
Smidl (CZE) forward of Hörzing. As Smidl had already qualified, Hörzing
was also means to explain a spot. In Sep and October, 4 more
races during a circuits of Lime Rock Park, Loch Drummond,
Spa-Francorchamps and Indianapolis will yield a event to be
partial of a year’s culmination during BMW SIM Live 2021. Jajovski will be there
as he attempts to urge a pretension he won final year.


BMW SIM Teams during Formula Medicine.

For many years, BMW Motorsport has devoted in a imagination of
Formula Medicine to safeguard that a BMW works drivers can enjoy
optimal earthy and mental credentials for their competitive
appearances. At a finish of July, comparison drivers from a BMW SIM
Team also had a possibility to benefit some profitable insights into the
training methodology during Formula Medicine during a seminar in
Viareggio (ITA), and to get some critical ideas for their own
training schedule. The multi-day seminar enclosed aptness and mental
coaching sessions. These were accompanied by greeting exercises and
nutritive advice. Enzo Bonito (ITA) and Kevin Siggy (SLO) were the
BMW Team Redline representatives, Arthur Kammerer and Gregor Schill
(both GER) took partial for BMW Team G2 Esports, Nikodem Wisniewski (POL)
and Petar Brljak (CRO) took partial for BMW Team GB and Elias Seppänen
(FIN) and Attila Dencs (HUN) represented BMW Team BS+COMPETITION.


“The earthy training was positively useful for me as a sim racer, as
we are also subjected to comparatively poignant force feedback effects
on a arms, wrist and elbows by a steering wheel. It is
critical to strengthen these areas and to do something for a knees
and stamina in general,” was Kammerer’s summary. “However, a mental
coaching was a many profitable aspect for me – and that was a most
fun partial too. We had these multitasking exercises that showed me how
easy it is for astonishing events or distractions to hit me out of my
routine. we will now confederate exercises like this into my regular
training routine. Good multitasking is useful even only to discuss
strategies during a competition or to rightly calculate a volume of
fuel but losing concentration, blank a right braking or
steering points and therefore posting a bad path time. Having the
mental ability for both things was an critical core subject of the
workshop. Overall, a ideal multiple for mind and body.”