BMW Motorsport honours a many successful highwayman drivers and teams – Charly Lamm celebrated for his achievements.

Munich. The winners of a 2018 BMW Sports Trophy are Danny
Brink, Philipp Leisen, Christopher Rink (all GER) and Classic BMW.
At a normal BMW Motorsport finish of deteriorate review, that took
place during BMW Group Classic in Munich (GER) on Friday evening, the
many successful highwayman BMW drivers and teams of a year were
awarded trophies and esteem money. Once again, a sum of 350,000
euros was adult for grabs. The tip 3 drivers alone were awarded
25,500 euros each. Walkenhorst Motorsport won a initial ever
assembly award, Schnitzer group principal Charly Lamm supposed a
special honour.


Together with presenters Eve Scheer and Patrick Simon, and BMW
Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt, a guest looked behind during the
highlights from a BMW works programmes and BMW patron racing. The
“BMW Customer Racing Win of a Year” was awarded for a initial time.
Over a past dual weeks, amicable media users around a universe were
asked to collect their favourite of 10 racing highlights from a year
around BMW Motorsport’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. With 27
per cent of a votes submitted, feat went to Walkenhorst
Motorsport. The group won a 24-hour foe during Spa-Francorchamps (BEL)
with a BMW M6 GT3 in July.


Emotional coming by Charly Lamm.

The many romantic impulse of a dusk was a coming of the
long-standing Schnitzer Motorsport group principal Charly Lamm. In
September, after roughly 4 decades as conduct of a team, Lamm
announced that he would no longer reason his normal position as of
2019. “I would like to appreciate Charly Lamm for his dedication, passion
and accomplishments for a BMW code as a group principal of
Schnitzer Motorsport,” pronounced BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt and
presented Lamm with a carp of a BMW M6 GT3 sealed by all of the
evening’s guests. “No-one embodies a singular success story in touring
automobile and GT racing improved than Charly. The fact that he was means to get
a win once again with his group during a FIA GT World Cup in Macau as
he bid farewell to a array wall was a genuine motorsport angel tale.”


BMW highwayman drivers grasp an contentment of wins and titles
once again in 2018.

For vast tools of a dusk a theatre belonged to a privateer
teams and drivers who once again cumulative countless wins and titles in
2018. “The 57th book of a BMW Sports Trophy was once
again a genuine thrill,” pronounced Marquardt. “Week after week privateer
drivers and teams suffer success on a racetracks of a universe as
ambassadors of a BMW brand. They not usually frequently denote the
competitiveness of a whole BMW car range, though also their
comprehensive will to win. We are gay to be means to honour these
achievements with a BMW Sports Trophy. On interest of a whole BMW
Motorsport team, we would like to honour Danny Brink, Philipp
Leisen, Christopher Rink and Classic BMW on their marvellous season.”


Brink, Leisen and Rink, who contested a whole VLN Endurance
Championship Nürburgring (GER) deteriorate together, clinched feat in
a BMW Sports Trophy motorist standings and a esteem of 25,500 euros
any with a sum of 570 points. The contingent distinguished 6 category wins in
a BMW 325i in 9 VLN races, and saw them explain a altogether win in
a VLN during a finish of a season. Last year, a 3 BMW drivers
finished in third place in a BMW Sports Trophy rankings, behind the
successful twin of Ricardo outpost der Ende and Max Koebolt (both NED).


“I have attended this eventuality given we gathering for Matthias Unger and his
team,” pronounced Rink. “First place was tighten a integrate of times. Being at
a tip now, after all a success we had on a racetrack this
season, is as good as it can get.” Brink said: “Winning a BMW Sports
Trophy endowment is a dream come true. Many interjection to BMW for this event
and a good patron support.“ Leisen added: “Just a same as it
has been each year, a foe was really tough. Probably the
reward points we perceived for a VLN pretension done a disproportion and
authorised us to take P1 this time.”


Classic BMW puts an finish to a Adrenalin strain in a group standings.

After a BMW Sports Trophy group pretension going to Pixum Team Adrenalin
Motorsport  a final 4 times, there was a change during a tip this
year. With a sum of 1,020 points, a Classic BMW group finished in
initial place and was rewarded with a money esteem of 30,000 euros. The
American group enjoyed success during countless foe events in North America
with a BMW M235i Racing and a BMW M4 GT4 as partial of a BMW Sports
Trophy in 2018. They available a sum of 20 podiums as good as the
group pretension in a Pirelli World Challenge TC class. Behind them were
3Y Technology and Securtal Sorg Rennsport in second and third places.


“The whole BMW family inspires us to give a really best in every
singular foe with a BMW cars and to keep on fighting, even if there
are problems during a race,” pronounced group owners Eric Maas. “There are so
many people to thank, though let me indicate out my group principal Toby
Grahovec, who is a persons who is many obliged for this success.”


Overview of a final formula of a 2017/2018 BMW Sports Trophy.


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