BMW Motorrad presents a subsequent SoulFuel bike.

Munich. Unique, opposite and nonetheless totally BMW R 18
– that’s
“The Wal”, a latest origination by Japanese
customizer Shinya Kimura. After Roland Sands and Dirk Oehlerking,
Kimura is a third customizer to renovate a R 18 into an
unusual singular citation for a “SoulFuel” series.
“SoulFuel” is a partnership between BMW Motorrad and
comparison customizers.

Until recently, Shinya Kimura worked especially on older
motorcycles, though a Japanese customizer is increasingly also devoting
himself to projects involving complicated bikes.

“The Wal” is one of them. “The basement is a R 18,
powered by a latest and biggest engine we have ever worked on. It
all started with a revisit to a BMW Motorrad R 18 growth group in
Germany. we got to know a unconditional passion and innovative energy that
prevails during BMW Motorrad. Finally, in Feb 2021 in California, I
rode a customary R 18 for a few hundred kilometres to get to know the
impression of a bike. Following a whole array of conversations, this
eventually led to my personal interpretation of a R 18, in that I
practical a whole operation of my activities as a customizer,” says
Shinya Kimura, recounting a initial proviso of “The Wal”
Kimura afterwards began work in mid-February and “The
Wal” was already built adult by a finish of June. “But there
were still some automatic problems that kept me bustling for another two
weeks,” Kimura continues.

Kimura’s motorcycles are combined exclusively “hands-on”

Shinya Kimura’s craftsmanship can be aptly described by a term
“hands-on”, as there are no sketches, drawings, blueprints
or mock-ups during a building process. But there is a accurate idea
of what a customer, or in this box a customizer, wants.

“I built a R 18 wholly for myself. When we rode the
prolongation R 18, we suspicion it competence fit my build and riding
preferences improved if we designed it to be a tiny some-more front-facing
with a fairing. we motionless to adopt a frame, wheels and tyres as well
as cessation elements and brakes since we didn’t feel a need to
change them after we had ridden a bike. we also wanted to be means to
float for prolonged distances with my R 18 while feeling and enjoying the
mythological fighter engine. It was really critical to me to safety the
dual characters of a R 18 as we gifted them when riding. Thanks
to a strong engine, a bike is furious and has roughly inexhaustible
energy on a one hand, nonetheless it is totally cooperative on a other.
Just like a whale, hence a German animal name for this R 18, which
for me is something like a “Sports Endurancer”,” Kimura explains.

The “Sports Endurancer” is certainly transparent in
Kimura’s R 18 “The Wal”. This is ensured by a incomparable and,
totally differently designed fuel tank compared to a original, an
elongated, harmoniously dull chair mound and a half-shell fairing.

“I also altered a feet rests behind about dual inches to have
some-more coherence for positioning a legs. At a same time, we lowered
a handlebars and altered a chair to my liking. The chair pillow was
also designed by me and afterwards handmade by BACKDROP Leathers in Japan.
It all combined adult to a really healthy viewpoint that we like,” Kimura continues.

The semi-shell fairing houses dual asymmetrically arranged
headlights that roughly demeanour like eyes and, with a tiny imagination,
indeed give Kimura’s R 18 a coming of a whale together with a
“set of teeth” incorporated underneath. The colour scheme
and a coarsely textured paintwork also compare a thesis of “The
Wal”. In short: “The Wal” R 18 is an “animal” of a
bike. Powerful, mighty, though always good-natured.

“What we like best about my chronicle of a R 18 is that I
was means to change a character and seating position to my fondness without
destroying a glorious strange functionality of a R 18. But
drastically changing a seating position and adding my possess character and
ambience was a large plea in my interpretation of a BMW Heritage.
Besides, all these computerised systems and wiring were utterly new to
me and we schooled a lot,” says Kimura, gratified with a outcome of
his work.

Hard contribution about a R 18 customising plan “The Wal”:

  • Handlebars: 8 inches narrower, 6 inches lower.
  • Fuel tank: Made longer to pierce a seating position rearward and
    benefit additional fuel ability of about 1 gallon for longer trips.
  • Seat pad designed by Kimura himself, handmade by BACKDROP Leathers
    in Japan in bucket character for some-more bottom support.
  • Seat designed so that it creates a healthy upsurge from a seat
    pillow and leads to a turn behind light.
  • Semi-shell fairing for gentle doing during high speed.
  • The side covers have been designed in such a approach that they do not
    destroy a demeanour of a strange frame.
  • Special paint finish in a form of a bronze powder coating, after
    a components have formerly been beaten to give a aspect texture.
  • After Kimura had finished all a bodywork, he motionless to keep
    a classical mystic figure of a customary empty system, though paint
    it black.

The King of Customizing: Shinya Kimura.

Born and lifted in a family that ran a tiny secure bureau in
downtown Tokyo, Shinya Kimura was always surrounded by a smell of
steel and oil and a sound of machine and metals. Perhaps that’s
why, after study entomology, Kimura motionless to lapse to what felt
many healthy to him: tinkering in his seminar and building things
from opposite metals.

Kimura, a father of a supposed “Zero Style”
motorbike, began his career as a customizer in Japan during Zero
Engineering, a association he founded in 1992. He rose to international
celebrity as early as a 1990s, when his tradition Harley-Davidson
“Samurai Chopper” was created. It followed his
evil wabi-sabi shabby style.

In hunt of new inspiration, Kimura after altered to Azusa,
California, where he founded his possess eccentric company, Chabott
Engineering, in 2006. Today, a sought-after customizer usually creates a
handful of motorcycles a year – exclusively for business with whom he
feels a mutual bargain and no time pressure. The good passion
that drives him: “Passion for all a motorbikes that were born
into this world”, as he says himself. While operative on “The
Wal” project, he detected new things each day that stimulated
and encouraged him. Looking back, he says: “I severely appreciate
BMW Motorrad and all a people who upheld me in this project. It
was such a profitable and impactful knowledge for me.”

The vehicles shown might be modified
and propitious with third-party accessories and/or exclusive tools that
are not manufactured, distributed or tested by BMW. BMW accepts no
guilt for a modifications (including a fitting,
characteristics and use of a accessories shown). NOTE: Modification
of array prolongation vehicles (including a wise and use of
third-party and self-made parts) can deteriorate roving characteristics!
Riding a vehicles in mutated condition is during your possess risk.

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