BMW Motorrad presents “The Great Getaway".

Munich. Experience a beauty of inlet for eight
days on a
“Big Boxer” motorbikes of a R 18 family,
suffer a leisure of unconstrained expanses, douse yourself in a urban
jungle, infrequently learn a astonishing and leave a highlight of
bland life behind. In “The Great Getaway”, BMW Motorrad
will be charity a ideally organized transport format for a perfect
time-out, organised and carried out by BMW Motorrad partner Elephant Moto.

For a 2022 motorcycle season, 3 moving destinations
have been designed to yield riders with superb motorcycling
pleasure in birthright style: Costa Rica, Portugal and a USA. Each
debate includes 8 days of roving on motorcycles from a R18 family,
a debate guide, hotel accommodation and meals, support car and an
endless amicable programme. In short: all has been suspicion of.

The “Big Boxers” will be cruisng along imperishable coasts,
by unenlightened forests and past plateau and waterfalls. The
participants will get to know dark places and sparkling people,
indulge in internal and general cuisine and recharge their
batteries for a subsequent day in accommodation specifically tailored to a tours.

With a limit of twelve participants per tour, a 150 to 200
kilometre daily stages pledge rapid swell on a road, great
fun together in a dusk and an complete common knowledge on the
“Urban Day”, where a participants get to immerse
themselves in a melting pot of famous cities: San José in Costa
Rica, Lisbon in Portugal and Portland/Oregon in a USA.

New, heated impressions wait a participants during each turn:
pulsating life, unfamiliar scents, fantastic architecture, even the
soundscape is never a same. After all, each city has a own
rhythm. And we accommodate a people who make a city’s heartbeat. For
example, when visiting a handcrafter or a internal market.

After dinner, a day ends in a accumulation of ways. For example,
with a whiskey tasting, cocktails “on a roof” or live
music, before everybody is behind in a saddle a subsequent morning:
“The Great Getaway – start your R 18, please!”  Eight days
of memorable roving pleasure total with considerable experiences
wait a participants.

The time slots for “The Great Getaway” are:

1.       Costa Rica, Mar 2022

2.       Portugal, Apr to Jun 2022

3.       USA, Aug to Oct 2022

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