BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016.

The GS has been tighten to a heart during BMW for 35 years, ever given we
debuted a initial R 80 G/S in 1980. That G/S and successive GS models
have proven their imperishable go-anywhere capability by carrying their
owners reliably opposite any continent, on highway and track,
collectively for millions of miles. Of march todays´ GS motorcycles
underline state-of-the-art technology, though it’s a tie that the
GS allows between a supplement and his sourroundings that creates them so
special. This present for tie and find has done a GS more
than usually a motorcycle. It’s a bike that’s combined a worldwide
community, and it’s brought a many cultures of this universe into the
lives of so many owners.

The BMW Motorrad GS Trophy is dictated to applaud this capability
and unusual relationship. Bigger than ever, with 19 teams
competing – comprising 57 riders and 19 embedded reporters – a GS
Trophy will offer 7 really heated days of foe that will
plea a riders’ roving skills and their wider qualities – their
unsentimental skills, their problem elucidate and importantly their
teamwork. Even competing teams will find they have to come together,
to form operative relations and friendships, to succeed.


This book set in Northern Thailand is a new section as for the
initial time we try onto a Asian continent and into a Tropics. I
am certain that any one of a riders – male and lady – will thoroughly
suffer their experiences, and no doubt will immediately be sharing
those practice with a universe by amicable networking while
looking brazen to returning home with illusory stories to tell in
a aged fashioned way.

‘Make life a ride’ is a adage during BMW Motorrad, though on this occasion
we’re anticipating a riders will knowledge a float of a lifetime.

Heiner Faust Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing BMW Motorrad


BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016.


What is a BMW Motorrad GS Trophy?

The GS Trophy is a jubilee of a suggestion of a BMW GS
motorcycle, bringing together those elements of leisure, journey and
plea that this bike engenders. The Southeast Asia 2016 eventuality is
a fifth book of a GS Trophy, a prior editions took place
in Canada in 2014, South America in 2012, Southern Africa in 2010 and
Tunisia in 2008. This book will see 19 teams, comprising 57 riders
from 25 nations, competing.

The GS Trophy riders will on this arise be challenged to riding
a parsimonious snaking trails by a densely forested regions of the
towering district of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The eventuality is not a
foe though a group competition, pitching a general contingent
opposite any other in a array of special tests – not all are riding
tests. With a competitors camped nightly in a bivouac a eventuality also
fosters a clarity of society – and for a initial time sisterhood –
and camaraderie.

GS Trophy sportive executive Tomm Wolf:

“This will be a really opposite GS Trophy: no towering pistes, no
immeasurable plateaux, no veldt, no dunes, and – after Canada – no snow! We
can design temperatures in a high 30s (degrees Celsius), high
steam and we’ll be roving parsimonious single-track trails by the
forests. It’ll be slower, though hotter and some-more technical.

“Culturally this will be an sparkling experience. This is a
Buddhist segment with smashing peaceful people – not to discuss an
implausible repute for cuisine. Temples and Tom Kha Gai (spicy
duck soup)! I’ve depressed in adore with a region, with a people –
we design a GS Trophy riders will too!”

When does it take place?

The eventuality starts on Feb 26, 2016 when a competitors will
arrive during a eventuality HQ in Chiang Mai for a programme of rider
briefings, bike allocations and media meetings. The foe itself
will start during 08:00 am on Feb 28 and ends on Mar 5.


The location.

The riders of a GS Trophy will be roving by a hilly,
infrequently alpine and mostly forested regions that approximate Chiang
Mai in a really northernmost segment of Thailand, about 500 miles north
of Bangkok. Chiang Mai is famous as a informative collateral of Northern
Thailand, done famous for a many Buddhist temples to be found in the
city and surrounding segment – this is a segment with a story of
mysticism thousands of years old. But a segment is also famous for
a pleasing highland view and a GS Trophy riders will – when
not being traffic with a hurdles of a march and special tests
– suffer such superb vistas such as those found in a stately Doi
Inthanon National Park as good as healthy attractions such as the
waterfalls and thermal prohibited springs as found nearby a tiny city of Pai
– closer to a limit with Myanmar. Bathing might good on a minds of
many riders as they can design daytime temperatures to averaging
around 35ºC and as this is a duration before a annual rains it’s most
like to be dry and dry too.

Tomm Wolf: “As for a marks we will float on, approbation they should
be dry and substantially utterly dusty, though most smaller than those we
encountered in Canada and South America. There will be some-more single
track, up-and-down, enduro-type trails, rather than a outrageous forest
roads of a prior GS Trophy. The speeds will really be lower
and a trails will be some-more severe to ride, though intensely nice.”


The Challenge.

The GS Trophy is not a race. But it is a foe and so a teams
will be tested, not usually in their roving skills, though in broader
hurdles that will entirely rivet their egghead as good as
earthy capacities.

With overnight bivouacs followed by early starts and prolonged days in the
saddles –start times are between 07:00 and 08:00 with schedule
finishes during 17:00, and with so most of a roving on single-track,
continuation will be a poignant cause in a event. Along a route
a competitors will also face adult to 3 special tests per day
(details of that will be suggested as a competitors accommodate them for themselves).

The successful group will be deferential of their environment,
sensitive to their machine and bargain of team-mates.