BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02.

Munich. With a Concept CE 02, BMW Motorrad is
presenting a new interpretation of smart, civic single-track mobility
one week before a IAA Mobility 2021. The electric car concept,
that is conjunction a classical motorcycle nor a scooter, is an exciting
and rarely romantic mobility offer.

“At initial glance, there is tiny about a BMW Motorrad Concept
CE 02 that is typically BMW Motorrad – it’s something totally new.
We wish to essay for something novel and be pioneers – that is what
we’ve proven ourselves able of with several projects in a past.
The Concept CE 02 comforts new proportions and complicated forms of
single-track mobility in an civic environment. In addition, we wanted
to grasp a turn of pattern creation that we have not had before at
this level. Straightforward use was important, though above all the
romantic member was crucial, as good as roving fun,” explains
Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.

With a compress measure and childish proportions, it also
clearly appeals to a new aim group: people aged 16 and over, who
have not ridden a motorbike before though are open to new experiences,
intelligent record and, above all, mixing mobility with fun. As a
lightweight e-vehicle weighing about 120 kg, a BMW Motorrad Concept
CE 02 is ideal for civic use, charity a high fun cause as good as
candid nonetheless stylish commuting. The 11 kW of outlay and all the
torque permitted from delay concede for quick acceleration at
trade lights. A tip speed of 90 km/h and a operation of 90 km make it
easy to get from A to B – and behind again – even in complicated city traffic.

The pattern expresses a new facet of BMW Motorrad.

The altogether demeanour of a two-wheeler reveals a novel impression of
a BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 during initial glance. “We wanted to develop
an simply permitted two-wheeler for everybody who wants
to be
mobile and independent,” says Alexander Buckan, Head of Vehicle Design
BMW Motorrad. “The BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 is a arguable companion
on a day-to-day basis. You adore it given it’s always there for you
and it usually works – even if we spasmodic don’t provide it as
delicately as we might. And there are stickers, tapes and other forms
of customisation that make it utterly pure to everybody that it belongs
to you. It embodies childish leisure and a untroubled suggestion – rather
like a skateboard on dual wheels.”

The elementary and pure proportions safeguard an honest,
romantic cultured appeal. Two large-size wheels, identical to a fun
bike, guarantee robustness and candid roving fun. They are
designed as front wheels, thereby emphasising a proportions of the
car graphically. The dim area for a dual battery units and the
expostulate with china accentuations emanate a compress body. The long,
slight chair and a support turn off a particular silhouette.

A new introduction to BMW Motorrad.

Thanks to a prosaic car body, a centre of sobriety is low and
enlightened when it comes to roving dynamics. At a same time, a BMW
Motorrad Concept CE 02 looks mouth-watering and confidence-inspiring thanks
to a vast front wheels and low chair height. Characteristic
proportions not usually concede for a really flexible roving experience, they
are also dictated to inspire non-motorcyclists to maybe get on and
have a go.

The continual chair reflects a flexibility of a concept.
Whether disposition distant behind with your feet initial or disposition brazen with
your feet on a back footrests or, of course, with dual people – the
chair allows countless sitting positions given no feet stop push has
to be operated due to a electric drive. In addition, a giveaway space
between a chair and support offers room for tiny luggage items. In the
front area of a seat, there are dual crossed-over petrol-coloured
effervescent bands trustworthy in such a approach as to capacitate smaller apparatus to be
accidentally tucked in. Further storage space is supposing by a brackets:
a front footrests are mounted here, too. You can also insert your
possess skateboard here and use it as a footrest.

High-quality sum on closer inspection.

The precisionist pattern reveals high-quality sum and technical
refinements on closer inspection. Light is supposing by a square, black
headlight with 4 particular LED elements as front headlights. The
back light comprises dual small, unclouded LED leaves that are fixed
to a left and right of a back seat. A tiny colour shade on the
handlebars provides simple arrangement functionality: this is connected via
a visible, visually deliberately overemphasised wire harness.
Otherwise, a record is deliberately restrained. In combination
with a front wheels and a single-sided overhanging arm, a showcased
elements such as a expostulate belt, handlebars and flare emphasize the
urban, complicated impression of a judgment bike in detail.

The colour intrigue puts a supplement during a centre.

In terms of colour, a BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 also keeps things
purist: black/silver is a underlying scheme. The colour black is
suggestive of early BMW motorbikes. What is new here, however, is the
interplay of matt and high-gloss surfaces, giving a judgment bike
larger expressiveness. Silver-coloured elements such as a triple
clamp or a drive, a white graphics and a petrol-coloured luggage
straps set targeted accentuations, violation adult a altogether image.
Technoid typography is used as an active pattern tool, conveying the
organisation with technical information on machines. The BMW button is
integrated on a blanched silicone chair usually in front of the
handlebars; differently usually a BMW wordmark on a rims and luggage
straps indicates a manufacturer.

With this rather calm colour scheme, a BMW Motorrad
Concept CE 02 provides a ideal height for a supplement to showcase
their possess particular character. Additional individualisation by means
of stickers or tapes is also probable and indeed desirable.

Fashion matter – civic roving rigging for immature masculine and
womanlike riders.

The innovative judgment supplement apparatus ideally matches a BMW
Motorrad Concept CE 02. Two jackets desirous by contemporary trends
prove a whole operation of new possibilities for both organic and
select wardrobe with innovative materials and processing
techniques. The dual variants both relate a typographic character of the
car graphics. Casually styled, a jackets also underscore a
childish conform awareness.

The witty use of clarity – divulgence duty as a design
component – means a product is both organic and a fashionable
bland garment. In doing so, it is deliberately set detached from
required supplement equipment, focusing on stream conform trends instead.

Print-on protection.

Both supplement apparatus variants underline insurance as partial of the
striking statement. A newly grown technique (GRDXKN®) allows a
insurance duty to be printed on. This integrated, volume-forming
element is abrasion-resistant and impact-absorbing. It creates a
totally new interplay of graphics and structure in both outfits,
thereby lifting duty and pattern to a same level.

The women’s coupler shows off a neon-orange colour of a print
by a somewhat pure Windstopp material, while golden
contemplative graphics and charming colour gradients emanate attractive
pattern stimuli.

The 3D structure of a imitation comes into a possess in a men’s
jacket. The petrol-coloured sum and a white graphics harmonise
with a colour intrigue of a judgment bike to turn off a altogether appearance.

It was probable to furnish and make a supplement equipment
roughly exclusively in partnership with informal experts and
suppliers in Germany.

Figures of a BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02.

Battery: not specified

Output: 11 kW for pushing looseness category from A1 (ECE)

Vmodmax: adult to 90 km/h

Range: approx. 90 km (according to WMTC)

Wheels: front wheels with 15-inch front and rear

Seat height: 730 mm

Unladen weight: approx. 120 kg

You will find press element on stream BMW motorcycles and BMW
Motorrad supplement apparatus in a BMW Group PressClub during

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