BMW M Performance Parts for a new BMW 3 Series.

Munich. To coincide with a arrangement of a new
BMW 3 Series Limousine (combined fuel consumption: 6,1 – 4,1 l/100 km;
total CO2 emissions: 139 – 108 g/km) * an extensive
operation of M Performance Parts is also being deliver as Original BMW
Accessories for a new book of this reward center category car. With
components directly desirous by and subsequent from engine racing for the
interior and extraneous as good as for a expostulate complement and chassis
engineering, business will be means to evenly raise the
sports feel of their BMW 3 Series car as they wish. The
growth of M Performance Parts always draws on a immeasurable racing
imagination of BMW M GmbH. All components are ideally matched – both
with any other and with a specific properties of any model. On the
one hand, they give a car a some-more energetic and striking
appearance, though they also have a organic advantage, for example,
definitely conversion a car’s aerodynamic properties or augmenting
a lightweight construction concept.


Exterior package for a crook coming and optimised aerodynamics.

The sundry package of M Performance aerodynamic and exterior
components for a new BMW 3 Series Limousine comprises no fewer than
10 items. The particular components in high-gloss black or
carbon-fibre not usually underline a vehicle’s sporty coming but
also raise a four-door car’s talents in terms of pushing dynamics.
For example, a M Performance front splitter or a M Performance
front splitter pro, a M Performance behind spoiler and M Performance
behind diffuser – accessible in a choice of carbon, black high-gloss or
black matt – optimise a atmosphere tide around a car while reducing
uplift. This leads to softened highway holding and a some-more energetic driving
response. The M Performance extraneous counterpart caps done of CO fibre
are a quite appealing eye catcher in a approach they arrangement the
standard hardness of carbon-reinforced plastic. As with all carbon-fibre
components, they are done by hand, hermetic with transparent lacquer, and then
mirror-polished to give them their considerable abyss effect. Their
sporty aptitude is serve extended by a M Performance side sill films.
They widen over a whole reduce sill and enclose a M Performance
branding inscription. The behind lights, grey coloured when noticed from
a rear, and in a side territory suggestive of M Performance
graphics, paint a quite distinguished highlight, as do a M
Performance tailpipes. They also underline high gnawing insurgency and
a prolonged use life, interjection to their element brew of titanium and
CO fibre.


M Performance 18″ braking complement and 18-inch and 20-inch wheels.

The M Performance 18″ braking complement is recognizable from
a red colour of a stop calipers. Not usually does this give it an
appealing appearance, though a sports brakes also underline considerably
extended deceleration opening for sporty driving. Compared to the
serial-production brakes, a 18-inch stop discs are bigger,
perforated, grooved, and of lightweight construction. They have a
aloft thermal resistance, for that reason they sojourn extremely
fast even underneath impassioned conditions. The four-piston stop calipers
are done of aluminium, in line with a unchanging lightweight
construction judgment of a vehicle.

To start with, a operation of M Performance circle sets will comprise
4 designs in dual sizes during a marketplace launch of a new BMW 3 Series
Limousine. The 18-inch matt black M Performance light amalgamate double
spoke 796M wheels are suitable for use both in summer and winter. In
20-inch size, a choice is between a M Performance forged
cross-spoke 794 M bicolor wheels (jet black, burnished) and the
20″ M Performance fake Y-spoke 795 M wheels, in possibly bicolor
(ferric grey matt, shimmer lathed) or black matt.

For storing and transporting a wheels, M Performance tyre bags are
recommended. They yield insurance opposite soiling, their markings
safeguard transparent identification, and they illuminate an additional engine racing
atmosphere into a home garage.


Visual and pleasing interior highlights.

Of course, engine racing sensations can be generated in the
interior of a new BMW 3 Series Limousine as well. For example, the
M Performance steering wheel, with a rarely particular hold areas
and vast ride rests, red centre imprinting during a ‘12 o’clock’
position, and silver-grey, hand-sewn cross-stitch seam. The racing
demeanour can be serve extended by a carbon-fibre change paddles (for
models with Steptronic competition transmission) and a M Performance
steering circle trim row done of CO twine with an Alcantara
insert and M Performance inscription. To compare this there is also the
M Performance carbon-fibre interior trim, also with an open-pored structure.

In a footwell of a new BMW 3 Series Limousine, a M Performance
feet mats emphasize sportiness, with a M Performance marker and
a dwindle in standard M colours, along with a leather-look surround
including a musical join in resisting colours. 


Drive analyser and camera hilt for information and video recording

With a M Performance expostulate analyser, a motorist of a new BMW
3 Series Limousine can record a operation of pushing information for subsequent
research –  a duty that is quite useful above all on the
competition track. The complement consists of an OBD hang that is plugged into
a on-board diagnosis interface, and a smartphone app. The drive
analyser is subsequent directly from engine racing and reserve a driver
with all critical pushing dynamics data, as good as offering
endless veteran recording and research capabilities. It is also
probable to record trips with a smartphone video camera, including
accumulative pushing information and lane calculation regulating GPS positioning
data. BMW provides M Performance holders for movement cameras, to enable
best recording from a fantastic viewpoint when pushing on the
competition track. For outmost recording, these are simply mounted to the
front or behind towing ring; to make recordings in a car interior,
it is snapped into place in a bottom support of a Travel
Comfort complement on a headrest of a expostulate or front newcomer seat.
It allows a camera to be incited by 360 degrees, to enable
images to be done from countless perspectives.


Attract courtesy with doorway projectors with BMW M motifs

Every time we enter or exit a vehicle, a BMW M trademark or
other M Performance-related design can be projected onto a tarmac
with an M Performance slip set for BMW LED doorway projectors. Just as
stylish is a M Performance pivotal wallet done of high-quality Alcantara
with carbon-fibre insert, that can be henceforth bound to a car
pivotal with a hollow conduct screw in M light blue to strengthen it from
scratching or other damage.


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