BMW M Motorsport News, 25th Oct 2021.

The real-time documentary array MBEDDED offers an disdainful look
behind a scenes of a BMW M Motorsport LMDh plan and shows you
genuine emotions of a protagonists on a way.


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BMW M Motorsport teams exam a BMW M4 GT3 during Valencia.

It’s usually a matter of months until a BMW M4 GT3 will be doing
conflict for wins and titles around a universe as a new flagship in the
hands of BMW M Motorsport teams and drivers. The initial confirmed
highlights will be a 24-hour races in Dubai (UAE) and Daytona (USA)
in Jan 2022. To give a teams and drivers a best possible
possibility to ready with a new GT car, BMW M Motorsport organized a
week of contrast during Valencia (ESP) in October, that was attended by
many buyers and meddlesome parties. BMW works drivers Augusto Farfus
(BRA) and Jens Klingmann (GER), who have both been heavily concerned in
a growth of a BMW M4 GT3 so are unequivocally informed with a car,
taught a guest all about a strengths and special facilities of the
inheritor to a BMW M6 GT3. After copiousness of exam laps, a feedback
from a BMW M Motorsport teams and drivers was intensely positive.
Robert Ravaglia (ITA), DTM Champion and World Touring Car Champion in
a BMW M3 E30 and stream group manager of a Italian group Ceccato
Racing, was tender after his exam drive, and said: “Congratulations
to BMW M Motorsport on a growth of this car. It was a fantastic
knowledge being authorised to take it for a spin for a integrate of laps.
After my initial few laps in a BMW M3 E30 – a many successful
furloughed automobile of all time – behind in a 1980s, we could tell it was going
to be a winning car. And we had a same feeling today. The BMW M4 GT3
is a winning car.”


ADAC GT Masters: Schubert Motorsport leave Hockenheim empty-handed.

The penultimate competition weekend of a ADAC GT Masters during Hockenheim
(GER) was unsatisfactory for Schubert Motorsport. Despite their good
pace, Nick Yelloly (GBR) and Jesse Krohn (FIN) came divided empty-handed
in a BMW M6 GT3 after incidents in both races. After subordinate in
eleventh place, a twin primarily changed their approach adult a margin good on
Saturday, though a tyre puncture late on in a competition saw them cranky the
finish line in P22. Yelloly was glorious in subordinate on Sunday
and finished second to secure a place on a front quarrel of a grid.
Unfortunately, a collision early in a competition forced him to retire.


ADAC GT4 Germany: Fight for a pretension entrance to a head.

Gabriele Piana (ITA) and Michael Schrey (GER) of Team Hofor Racing by
Bonk Motorsport showed genuine fighting suggestion during a formidable penultimate
competition weekend in a ADAC GT4 Germany during a Hockenheimring (GER) and
shielded their lead in a drivers’ standings. It was in qualifying
that their BMW M4 GT4 unequivocally struggled, not permitting for any better
than eleventh and 22nd on a grid for a dual races. From
that position a twin done adult dual places on Saturday and eleven on
Sunday, that saw them collect adult critical points for finishing in P9
and P11. In a altogether standings, Piana and Schrey have a 21-point
advantage over their closest rivals going into a deteriorate culmination on
a initial weekend in Nov during a Nürburgring (GER). The best race
outcome for a BMW M Motorsport group during a Hockenheim weekend was
claimed by Nicolaj Möller-Madsen (DEN) and Philipp Miemois (FIN) on
Saturday. They finished seventh in a BMW M4 GT4 of AVIA Sorg Rennsport.


BTCC: BMW wins sixth manufacturer’s pretension in a row.

BMW won a manufacturer’s pretension in a British Touring Car
Championship (BTCC) for a sixth time in a quarrel final weekend, making
story in a process. No other code has ever won as many successive
titles. With a BMW 330i M Sport in movement in a iconic British race
series, BMW finished a deteriorate with 869 points to their name, and a lead
of 87 points over second place. In a driver’s standings, four-time
BTCC Champion Colin Turkington (GBR), who was representing Team BMW,
finished a deteriorate with 306 points and in second place overall. At the
final weekend during Brands Hatch (GBR), he finished a initial dual races
in P7 and P4. He late from a final race. Team BMW finished fourth
in a group standings.


British GT Championship: Podium for a Century Motorsport
champions during a deteriorate finale.

The Century Motorsport group was underneath no vigour streamer into the
deteriorate culmination of a British GT Championship during Donington Park (GBR)
in mid-October. Gus Burton and Will Burns (both GBR) had already
cumulative feat in a drivers’ championship and Century Motorsport
had clinched a tip mark in a group standings during a penultimate
eventuality of a season, hold during Oulton Park (GBR) in September. Burton
and Burns also cumulative a pretension in a Silver sequence before
a finish of a season.


At a culmination during Donington Park, that was once again hold in adverse
conditions after complicated rain, Burton, Burns and Century Motorsport
surfaced off their successful deteriorate with another lectern finish. In
their #57 BMW M4 GT4, Burton and Burns finished in third place in the
competition durability usually underneath dual hours. Their team-mates Andrew
Gordon-Colebrooke and Chris Salkeld (both GBR) finished a final race
of a deteriorate in a #9 BMW M4 GT4 in twelfth place.


Intercontinental GT Challenge: One-two outcome for a BMW M4
GT4 during a ‘Indianapolis 8 Hour’.

The Intercontinental GT Challenge headed to a mythological ‘Brickyard’
– a Indianapolis Motor Speedway (USA), in mid-October. The
‘Indianapolis 8 Hour’ was a second of 3 races to be hold in the
2021 season. There was no removing past a BMW M Motorsport teams in
a GT4 category as they distinguished a one-two outcome for a BMW M4 GT4.


After 8 hours of racing, BimmerWorld Racing surfaced a podium.
Bill Auberlen, Chandler Hull and James Clay (all USA) cumulative a win
in a team’s #36 BMW M4 GT4. In a stirring race, they crossed the
finish line 20 seconds forward of a #119 BMW M4 GT4 of Stephen Cameron
Racing. In this car, Tom Dyer, Sean Quinlan and Guy Cosmo (all USA) in
second place clinched a BMW one-two result. The #82 BMW M4 GT4 of
BimmerWorld Racing, with Devin Jones, Nick Galante and James Walker
(all USA) during a wheel, usually usually missed out on a GT4 category podium,
finishing in fourth place.


GT4/GT/TC America: Titles and successes for a BMW M
Motorsport teams during Indianapolis.

The GT America, GT4 America and TC America were also during a renowned
Indianapolis Motor Speedway (USA) in mid-October. These competition series
hold their deteriorate finales during a ‘Brickyard’ – with titles and other
successes for a BMW M Motorsport teams.


In a initial of a dual GT America races, Sean Quinlan (USA) in the
#119 BMW M4 GT4 of Stephen Cameron Racing cumulative another podium
finish in third place, however he was incompetent to take partial in the
second competition after experiencing a automatic emanate during a formation
lap. Quinlan finished a deteriorate in second place in a GT4 category of the
GT America driver’s standings. In GT4 America, Stevan McAleer (GBR)
and Toby Grahovec (USA) in a #11 BMW M4 GT4 of Classic BMW finished
on a podium, in third place.


In a TCX category of TC America, it was a BMW M2 CS Racing of the
BMW M Motorsport teams that was widespread once again during Indianapolis.
The male of a weekend was champion Jacob Ruud (USA) in a #81 BMW M2
CS Racing of Team Classic BMW, who had cumulative a pretension in a TCX
category during a penultimate eventuality of a deteriorate during Sebring (USA). With
dual serve altogether wins, series 9 and 10 of a year, he enjoyed
a glorious finish to a season. “It’s a illusory feeling. We had a
superb season. The group supposing me with an implausible car
via a whole season,” pronounced Ruud. Classic BMW also won a team
standings and BMW won a manufacturer’s standings in a TCX class.


In a initial of a dual TC America races, Steve Streimer (USA) in the
#30 BMW M2 CS Racing of Hard Motorsport dull off a BMW one-two
result. Olivia Askew (USA) in a #3 BMW M2 CS Racing of Classic BMW
finished in fourth place altogether and in third place in a TCX class.
In a second race, a contingent of Ruud, Streimer and Askew went on to
bind a one-two-three outcome for a BMW M2 CS Racing and Austen
Smith (USA) in a BMW M240i Racing of Auto Technic Racing finished in
second place in a TC class.


BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux: Hat pretence for Giovanni Scamardi
during Zandvoort.

The BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux headed to Zandvoort (NED) for the
fourth and penultimate eventuality of a deteriorate in mid-October. Three races
were a sequence of a day once again, dual 30-minute races and one
55-minute competition with a imperative array stop. There was one male who
refused to be beaten during a dune circuit with Giovanni Scamardi (BEL)
winning all 3 races to bind a shawl trick.


In a initial race, Stienes Longin (BEL) and Tom Van Rompuy (BEL)
assimilated him on a lectern in second and third place. In competition two, Van
Rompuy finished third forward of Steven Brams (BEL). In a final,
longer third competition with a array stop, some of a teams fielded driver
pairings. Winner Scamardi contested a competition alone. Second place went
to Longin and his team-mate Peter Guelinckx (BEL). The third mark on
a lectern was cumulative by Brams and his team-mate Joeri Janssens
(BEL). The final of a BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux will be hold at
Assen (NED) on a final weekend in October.