BMW M Motorsport completes successful DTM winter exam during Jerez de la Frontera.

Jerez de la Frontera. The Dec DTM Young Driver Test at
Jerez de la Frontera (ESP) has determined itself as a permanent
tie in a DTM off-season. This year, BMW M Motorsport offered
dual drivers a event to attend a exam and take to a track
in a BMW M4 DTM, namely Robert Kubica (POL) and BMW works driver
Nick Yelloly (GBR) from a GT racing scene. As preparations for the
2020 deteriorate continue, Marco Wittmann (GER) and Philipp Eng (AUT)
were also in movement in southern Spain. The three-day exam took place
from Wednesday to Friday.


BMW M Motorsport ran dual BMW M4 DTMs during Jerez de la Frontera and used
a 3 days to weigh several technical concepts for subsequent season
during a racetrack. Kubica and Yelloly alternated during a circle of one
car, while Wittmann and Eng common a work in a cockpit of the
other BMW M4 DTM. Test conditions were consistently good on all three
days, with dry and partly balmy weather. This authorised BMW M Motorsport
and a 4 drivers to work by an endless programme. In total,
they finished some-more than 700 laps, or some-more than 3,200 kilometres.


Quotes from a DTM Test and DTM Young Driver Test during Jerez.


Marco Wittmann: “It is always good to attend the
winter test. Since a culmination during Hockenheim, we have indeed been back
in a BMW M4 DTM each month – initial during a Fuji Dream Race and now
here during Jerez. That is great. It was a good and prolific test. We
were means to get by a lot of a work we had planned. They were
unequivocally good days, during that we gained new knowledge, that we must
now try to exercise for 2020. We know we still have some work ahead
of us, in sequence to be good prepared for a start of a new season.
As such, a winter exam is unequivocally important. we am happy and satisfied.
we will now take a well-earned, brief winter mangle over Christmas and
New Year, during that we can spend time with family and friends and
switch off a little.”


Philipp Eng: “I was gratified to be means to get behind in
a chair of a BMW M4 DTM with Christmas only around a corner, as
it has been utterly a while given a Hockenheim finale. The winter
tests are always unequivocally heated with an endless programme of work. It
was good that we had unchanging conditions via a test. That
meant we could use a days during Jerez unequivocally productively. We were able
to pierce in a right instruction in many regards, as we ready for the
2020 season. That puts me in a certain mood and we can now suffer the
Christmas holidays.”


Nick Yelloly: “I unequivocally enjoyed pushing a BMW M4
DTM with a turbo engine. Compared to final year’s test, when we drove
a 2018 M4, it’s utterly a large change in terms of torque mostly and how
a braking works. It was a large training bend for me and we really
enjoyed a test. Despite a fact we had some haze in a morning, I
feel we managed to get a lot out of a automobile utterly fast and we learnt
a lot about a long-runs. You have to demeanour after a tyres in a
totally opposite approach compared to final year, and we learnt that
early on. We got by a lot of work and a good volume of mileage,
so another large appreciate we to BMW for a opportunity.”


Robert Kubica: “It has unequivocally been a very
prolific test. It was my initial time in a new era of DTM
cars. There have been a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to
learn as, of course, it was opposite to what we was used to in the
past years. There have been a few things about a DTM automobile that
astounded me positively. On my initial laps in a automobile we felt
gentle true away, that is always something a motorist is
looking for when contrast and finding new cars. Because if we feel
gentle and confident, we path quicker and your life becomes
easier. So, unequivocally a driveabilty of a automobile unequivocally astounded me
positively. There are, of course, some differences to a Formula One
automobile that we can feel – like a weight of a automobile and nonetheless DTM
cars have a lot of downforce it is reduction than in Formula One.
Nevertheless, we consider it is a unequivocally pleasing automobile to expostulate and a very
modernized automobile also from a technical aspect. we unequivocally enjoyed a test
and operative with a team. we consider we got by a lot of things with
a successful outcome so yes, we am flattering happy.”