BMW M 1000 RR wins culmination in Most: BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team celebrates lass feat in a FIM EWC.

Most. The BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team has done it onto
a tip step of a lectern in a FIM Endurance World Championship
(FIM EWC). The group distinguished a initial feat in a FIM EWC at
a final turn of a 2021 season, a six-hour competition in Most (CZE).
After a monumental finish, a #37 BMW M 1000 RR crossed the
finish line initial to take a win. Alternating in a saddle were
Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR) and Markus Reiterberger (GER). Kenny Foray
(FRA) was on standby as a third rider. Victory cumulative second
place in a championship standings in a 2021 FIM EWC for a BMW
Motorrad World Endurance Team.


Success in a FIM EWC came usually one week after a initial feat in
a FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) for a BMW Motorrad
WorldSBK Team. Reiterberger, Mikhalchik and Foray competent second to
secure a good start position for a #37 BMW M 1000 RR.


The misunderstanding during a start primarily saw Mikhalchik dump behind to sixth
place, however he was shortly means to work his approach behind towards a front
of a margin by a multiple of speed and skill. After 15
mins of racing, Mikhalchik was using second. Shortly after that,
he changed to a conduct of a margin on a #37 BMW M 1000 RR and set
about opening a lead. Over a march of a race, that enclosed two
extensive reserve automobile periods, he and Reiterberger usually surrendered the
lead quickly twice. With a clever opening from a dual riders, a
intelligent plan and a ideal BMW M 1000 RR, a group led for almost
a whole race.


Having pronounced that, a shutting stages were not for a faint-hearted.
The #7 Yamaha from a YART group was shutting all a time, however
Reiterberger kept a cold head, used all his skill, paced a race
ideally and shielded a lead to take a team’s lass victory.
After 6 hours of racing, and a genuine thriller, he took a chequered
dwindle with a lead of usually 0.070 seconds.


2021 was a second deteriorate in a FIM EWC for a BMW Motorrad World
Endurance Team. The new BMW M 1000 RR was used for a initial time this
year. The group finished third in a initial dual races, during Le Mans (FRA)
and Estoril (POR). In competition three, a Bol d’Or during Le Castellet (FRA),
they were forced to retire with a technical issue. The acclaimed
lass feat came usually a few weeks after in Most. 


Quotes after a competition during Most.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director:
“Congratulations to a team, Werner Daemen and a riders on
their illusory feat in Most. The competition was a thriller, usually as the
whole deteriorate has been intensely exciting. We have experienced
considerable fightbacks, podiums and setbacks this year. After a Bol
d’Or, we were no longer in row for a title, however it was
transparent that a group would give it their all in a final competition here in
Most. We looked unequivocally good in a exam and corroborated that form adult in the
race. We knew that we had a gait to finish on a podium. To take
feat during a finish of such a tighten competition is simply fantastic. It was a
illusory pursuit from Ilya and Reiti, who was so considerable in bringing
home a win, and a whole team, that worked ideally in the
garage. That is a good approach to finish a season. We will keep working
and know that we still have a lot of hurdles forward of us. However,
this is a good basis, we have a glorious team, and we now conduct into the
winter and preparations for 2022 with good motivation.”


Werner Daemen, Team Manager BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team:
“I am overjoyed. This weekend has been ideal from a word
go. Together with a YART team, we were always initial and second, in
all a use sessions and qualifying. To win a competition by 0.07
seconds after 6 hours of racing is a dream. It is simply excellent,
and we know how most work we have all invested in this success. Despite
a races during Le Mans and Estoril not using wholly smoothly, we
still finished on a podium. We thereafter late with a technical issue
in a Bol d’Or, though these things can happen. Despite this, we still
managed to finish a deteriorate in second place in a championship. we am
unapproachable of a riders and we am unapproachable of a fact that we have taken all
those concerned and shaped a group able of severe for a championship.”


Markus Reiterberger: “I consider that was a really
monumental competition to a checkered flag. Ilya was on a bike during the
start. He overtook everybody in a initial army and we took a lead.
We fanciful a five-stop strategy, though for that to work we need a
reserve car. That is unequivocally illusive during this track, and that is exactly
what happened. We managed to make one stop fewer than YART, for
example. we consider fuel expenditure was a pivotal to success today, and
a fact that we rode flawlessly. we gave it all in my last
army and rode opposite a clock. That was unequivocally tough, since Marvin
Fritz was unequivocally pulling behind me. It was unequivocally unequivocally close, though I
did it. we am beholden that we have finally won, as a whole group has
some-more than warranted it. This is a prerogative for a outrageous volume of hard
work. Thank we to a team, BMW and everybody who has upheld us.
This is a unequivocally good approach to finish a season.”


Ilya Mikhalchik: “I am so happy. We got a initial win
and it’s unequivocally an extraordinary feeling, generally after a bad fitness we
had during a Bol d’Or. Now we are also second in a universe championship
and this gives us additional motivation. The competition was roughly perfect
since in a final dual hours we was scarcely 30 mins behind the
reserve automobile and thereafter we was struggling a bit with a tyres and it
was not easy to get behind to a quick pace. In a final 50 mins Markus
did a good job. He rode a unequivocally quick pace. We won a race, even if
it was with a unequivocally tiny gap. It is an extraordinary feeling and we wish to
contend appreciate we to a whole team, to my family, everybody – we am usually happy.”


Kenny Foray: “It was a illusory competition from my
team-mates and from my team. we came here on Monday, we did not know the
lane and my pursuit was usually to assistance a group whenever there is a
problem. Of course, we would have favourite to float in a race, though my
team-mates did a illusory job. we am unequivocally happy for them, for the
group and for BMW. The initial win is a good outcome for us. we am also
happy since we rode 3 races this deteriorate and we finished second in
a universe championship and it is always good to finish a deteriorate like
this. So a large appreciate we goes to my team.”