BMW Junior Team races a BMW M6 GT3 to a lectern also during NLS 8 – New BMW M4 GT3 finishes in fifth place.

In pleasing late summer weather, a BMW Junior Team finished
turn 8 of a Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) on the
Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER) on a podium. After 4 hours of
racing, Neil Verhagen (USA), Dan Harper (GBR) and Max Hesse (GER)
crossed a finish line in third place in a # 44 BMW M6 GT3. In
a end, a contingent was usually 14 hundredths of a second brief of second
place. The new BMW M4 GT3 took a checkered dwindle in fifth place.
The #55 automobile was driven by Philipp Eng (AUT) and Augusto Farfus (BRA).


In subordinate on Saturday morning, that had to be condensed to 45
mins due to fog, a BMW Juniors cumulative third on a grid. The
start of a foe was deferred by half an hour to 12:30. In the
misunderstanding of a initial corners a #44 BMW M6 GT3 primarily fell behind to
sixth place, though Verhagen, Harper and Hesse quick worked their way
behind towards a front. In a sparkling final stages, Hesse put the
second placed Audi in front of him underneath large pressure, though he
couldn’t find a event to overtake, and this was also due to
Code 60 zones. After 4 hours, a #44 BMW M6 GT3 crossed a line
in third. After a wins in races 4 and 5 and second place in
turn seven, this was a subsequent lectern success for a BMW Junior Team.


The #55 BMW M4 GT3 once again took partial out of foe in the
antecedent category SP-X. Because of this, Eng and Farfus started a race
behind a margin of SP9 cars. In a second foe a new automobile again ran
though any problems and softened position by position. After four
hours of racing, Farfus took a dwindle in fifth place. The opening to the
front was usually 86 seconds. 


Walkenhorst Motorsport finished third in a SP9 Am category with the
#36 BMW. The automobile was driven by Henry Walkenhorst, Friedrich von Bohlen
and Jörg Breuer (all GER). The team’s #34 BMW M6 GT3, with David
Pittard (GBR), Ben Tuck (GBR) and Christian Krognes (NOR) during the
wheel, was in second place after a illusory start. Pittard also set a
new NLS path record in 7:53.202 minutes. But then, a #34 fell far
behind due to a shop-worn tyre.


In a opposite classes, a BMW M Motorsport teams claimed a total
of 4 category wins. The deteriorate culmination of a 2021 Nürburgring
Endurance Series will be hold in dual weeks’ time, on 9th October.


Reactions after turn 8 of a 2021 NLS.


Mike Krack, Head of BMW M Motorsport: “It has been a
good and for us an wholly certain day of racing in a Eifel
mountains. It started with a fact that spectators were again allowed
onto a starting grid. That finished a atmosphere unequivocally special. The
foe itself once again went smoothly. Our BMW Juniors Neil, Dan and
Max put in another good performance, and Max’s quarrel for second place
in a final laps was unequivocally breathtaking. It didn’t utterly work out,
though third place is another good result. Also Philipp’s and Augusto’s
foe in a new BMW M4 GT3 was fantastic. Both once again confirmed
that a doing and opening of a new automobile are excellent. The
BMW M4 GT3 is quick and easy to drive. Overall, a foe went
trouble-free for us from A to Z. we would like to appreciate a entire
growth team, BMW Team RMG, a drivers and everybody concerned in
a plan for their good work.”


Max Hesse, #44 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Junior Team: “We gave
a all and a integrate of times it could have scarcely worked out.
But in a end, a Audi had a bit some-more tip speed than us, and exiting
a Code 60 section during a Döttinger Höhe there was no chance. And we all
know: to pass on a Nordschleife is not a easiest task. But it
is good to be on a lectern again. We also collected good points for
a championship – a quarrel is on!”


Neil Verhagen, #44 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Junior Team: “We
are happy with another podium. We have now been on a podium
frequently after a 24-hour race. This is good; it shows our
coherence and how we have been improving given a commencement of the
year. A large appreciate we to BMW M Motorsport, BMW Team RMG and Shell for
stability to improve. At a finish of a foe it was formidable to
pass a Audi. We were means to locate adult utterly quickly, but
unfortunately it was unequivocally formidable to find a approach around. Overall,
again it has unequivocally been a unequivocally plain weekend. It will be an
eventful final race. Looking during a championship, it is going to be
utterly close. we am looking brazen to it!“


Dan Harper, #44 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Junior Team: “The
final laps have been unequivocally heated to watch from a array box. It was a
unequivocally good fight, even if it did not utterly work out for us.
Unfortunately a tiny hit when we was in a automobile cost us some time
today, though we learn from it and are still happy to be on a podium.”


Philipp Eng, #55 BMW M4 GT3: “Again, each singular lap
in a BMW M4 GT3 was only a dream. It is so most fun to expostulate this
car. We have been unequivocally consistent, a automobile handles a tyres good and
is unequivocally good to drive, generally in traffic. Once again, it was great
group work and we consider we have a unequivocally clever package in a BMW M4 GT3.
we am already looking brazen to a subsequent tasks with a car, and
generally to subsequent year when it will start in a initial genuine racing
season. Everyone during BMW M Motorsport has finished an superb job. The
growth work was intensive, a right decisions have been made,
and now we have a product that only works well and that we climb
in and feel gentle true away.”


Augusto Farfus, #55 BMW M4 GT3: “It was a good race.
We managed to foe a automobile tighten to a leaders. we consider currently we have
seen that a automobile is unequivocally rival and we consider we can all be proud
of what we have achieved. P5 currently was a good feat and somehow
it feels like a small feat for us. It creates us assured that next
year we can quarrel for correct victories. Now we concentration on a subsequent steps
and interjection again to BMW M Motorsport for this event to expostulate the
car. It is genuine fun, and it is good to be behind a wheel.”