BMW i pilots protracted existence product visualiser powered by Tango, Google’s smartphone AR technology

Unique interactive patron knowledge designed and built by Accenture

Real-size 3-D products can be visualised and explored

Colour and trim can be configured instantly

Innovative new record pilots in comparison sales outlets



Munich. BMW i is a initial automotive formula in the
universe to offer business an interactive, 3-D protracted reality
knowledge of their products in a commander programme that is being
rolled-out from today. Using Tango, Google’s smartphone augmented
existence technology, business can try their ideal BMW i3 or i8, as
a real-size, interactive visualization.


“Our vehicles are romantic products and to get that emotional
feeling, we unequivocally need to knowledge them,” commented Andrea
Castronovo, BMW Group Vice President, Sales Strategy and Future
Retail. “In situations where a preferred product isn’t accessible on
a spot, this visualization is a subsequent best thing,” he continued.


Piloting primarily in a double-digit series of sales outlets,
comparison Product Geniuses will be supposing with a consumer mobile
device that is Tango-enabled. Using this, they can afterwards support
business to daydream and knowledge a BMW i products, using
protracted existence to emanate a 3-D design that can be explored
interactively: a patron can open a foot or a doors, even
removing “inside” a automobile to take a closer demeanour during a interior. Eric
Johnsen, Head of Business Development for Augmented Reality during Google,
said, “The thing that sets Tango detached is a fact that it understands
a context of a space that it’s in. So a wheels are unequivocally on the
floor, for example, giving a whole knowledge a most some-more picturesque feel.”


The peculiarity of a images combined is positively intensely realistic.
“In a initial tests, we saw people ducking down when they were
removing into a car, as if there unequivocally were a roof there for them to
crash their heads on,” Andrea Castronovo recalled. “It’s that turn of
fact that means this record offers a business genuine added
value,” he commented.


BMW i is a initial automotive formula to use Tango to yield customers
with this interactive experience. “BMW i is a spearhead of
creation during a BMW Group, so it’s clearly a good fit for a pilot
of this new patron and sell tool,” explained Stefan Biermann, BMW
Group Head of Innovations Sales, BMW i. The BMW i Visualiser App is
a latest creation in a BMW Group’s Future Retail programme,
that began rolling out around 3 years ago and that has
remade a customers’ knowledge of shopping a car. Many
poignant elements of Future Retail, such as a Product Genius or
a Virtual Product Presenter, have set new benchmarks for a industry.


The BMW i Visualiser was designed and grown by Accenture,
integrating BMW i design information of a vehicles into an app that uses
Tango technology. It offers business a new and interactive approach to
knowledge a car, with functions that capacitate business to open the
doorway or switch on a lights. In sequence to keep a user-experience as
discerning and elementary as possible, a app is a visualiser instead of a
full configurator, where facilities such as interior and exterior
colours or circle rims can be altered during a hold of a screen. Once
a visualization is complete, a patron can save a information and
share it with others, including BMW i sales outlets, around amicable media,
email or QR code.


Once a commander is successfully completed, it is designed to offer the
app on Google Play so that business with Tango-enabled inclination can
download it for use any time, any place. “We trust that over the
subsequent integrate of years, a infancy of reward Android inclination will be
Tango-enabled,” pronounced Eric Johnsen. “Augmented existence has such huge
intensity for retail, we’re only removing started,” he continued.


“Our investigate shows that consumers are seeking softened use of
technologies like protracted existence during a car-buying routine to
make a online-offline knowledge some-more compelling,” pronounced Christina
Raab, handling executive in Accenture’s Automotive practice. “BMW i’s
use of Tango record and a formation with sales outlets and
existent pattern collection is assisting emanate a seamless
multichannel knowledge business are seeking.”



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In 2015, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.247 million cars and
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The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
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