BMW Group recognized worldwide as superb employer / Tops inhabitant and general many appealing employer rankings / Ilka Horstmeier: “Employer lure intensely critical in recruiting a best talents”


Munich. From Germany to China, a BMW Group has once again been
reliable as one of a world’s many appealing employers by various
studies in 2019. The BMW Group was a highest-placed automobile
manufacturer worldwide in a Universum ranking of a World’s Most
Attractive Employers in 2019. Among engineering and IT students, the
association also placed fourth, behind Google, Microsoft and Apple.
Universum surveyed some-more than 240,000 students from 12 countries for
a study.

The BMW Group has consistently placed initial in a Trendence Young
Professionals Barometer in Germany each year given 2012. This autumn,
a Trendence Institute recognized a BMW Group for commanding its
Graduate Barometer some-more than any other association over a past two
decades with a special endowment “Top Employer of a Past 20 Years”.

In a inhabitant Universum Young Professionals Study 2019, a company
also ranked rarely in a Business (1), Engineering (2) and IT (3)
categories. In China, a eminent Zhaopin Study once again named the
BMW Group many appealing employer in 2019. The BMW Brilliance
Automotive (BBA) corner try also won a “Excellence in Talent
Attraction Retention” endowment from, a heading human
resources use provider in China.

“Being a rarely appealing employer is intensely critical for us in
recruiting a best talents in a rarely rival market,” explained
Ilka Horstmeier, member of a Board of Management obliged for
Human Resources, and Labour Relations Director during BMW AG. “We are
successfully moulding a tolerable mobility of a destiny – and that
creates us some-more appealing as an employer. But we are positively not
resting on a laurels.” For instance, a BMW Group now offers an
consultant career path, homogeneous to a government track, that opens up
career opportunities but disciplinary responsibility. Employees
and impending employees also conclude a company’s coherence on
hours and location, appealing income and operation of additional
benefits. Another large motivator for destiny and existent employees is
a clever romantic interest of a BMW Group’s appealing product portfolio.

The BMW Group employs some-more than 134,000 people worldwide. The company
continues to sinecure IT and other specialists selectively for future
projects such as information analytics, program development, artificial
intelligence, unconstrained driving, electromobility and innovative drive
trains, as good as intelligent logistics prolongation and robotics.