BMW Group expands technical campaign



BMW Group expands technical debate

Munich. Internal BMW Group investigations have
suggested that in a box of some diesel vehicles glycol-leakage from
a EGR- (Exhaust-Gas-Recirculation-) Cooler can occur. In combination
with standard slag deposits and a high temperatures routinely present
in a EGR procedure this competence outcome in smoldering particles. This
could lead in really singular cases to a melting of a intake manifold
and in intensely singular cases outcome in fire. The BMW Group has decided
to lift out a technical debate to check a EGR procedure and replace
any inadequate components on a potentially influenced diesel vehicles.

The technical campaigns primarily motionless for European and Asian
countries in mid-August 2018 concerned around 480.000 BMW diesel
vehicles. During serve hearing of engines with a similar
technical setup, a BMW Group analyzed particular cases that were not
enclosed in a strange technical campaigns. These particular cases
acted no poignant risk to a customers. Nonetheless a BMW Group
motionless to serve revoke even this teenager risk by expanding the
country-specific technical campaigns. It is a idea of BMW Group to
support a trust and certainty of a business in a products.

As a whole, a initial technical debate and a stretched campaign
embody around 1.6 million vehicles worldwide (production from August
2010 until Aug 2017). Individual prolongation durations change per model.

Customer information will be distributed in a sales organization.
Customers with vehicles concerned in a technical debate will be contacted.


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