BMW Group digitalisation descent targets vocational training and secures entrance to Gen Z talents.// Digital training and partnership platforms interconnected with state-of-the-art mobile inclination emanate an attractive, future-oriented operative sourroundings for digital natives.

Munich.  The BMW Group has launched an endless digitalisation
descent in a margin of vocational training. In this way, the
association is means to secure destiny talents.

“Our BMW Group employees are a wilful rival factor. They play
a pivotal purpose in a success of a association – that is particularly
critical in a digital mutation now holding place in our
industry,” explained Ilka Horstmeier, member of a Board of
Management of BMW AG obliged for Human Resources. “By stepping up
a digitalisation descent in a area of vocational training, the
BMW Group is not usually ensuring it stays appealing to Generation Z,
though also activating new intensity and eventually defence the
company’s future.”

The digitalisation of vocational training is formed on 3 pillars:
complicated mobile devices; new digital partnership and learning
platforms; and a extended operation of talent growth tailored to the
individual. The BMW Group is providing apprentices with apparatus that
includes Surface laptops with Office 365, multifunctional headphones
and smartphones, as good as several communications platforms for agile
and fit mobile cooperation.

The BMW Group is integrating new digital training and learning
formats into a vocational training training ecosystem and enabling
complicated smoothness of training calm during a association and through
“learning2go”. This was also a executive thesis of a BMW Group
tutor eventuality “[email protected]” hold during BMW Welt
attended by 120 trainers and YouTuber Daniel Jung, whose popular
tutorials “Maths by Daniel Jung” are a good instance of successful
digital learning.

With entrance to training programmes such as UDACITY, apprentices and
twin students can acquire additional skills and receive
“nano-degrees”, e.g. in a margin of synthetic intelligence. This is
usually one instance of how training and operative together during a BMW Group
is not usually being geared some-more towards talents, though also becoming
faster and some-more self-directed.

At a same time, digital natives’ personal believe is valued and
integrated into daily work processes. Through supposed reverse
mentoring, youth staff offer as “change agents” who help
their some-more gifted colleagues with topics such as flexible project
government or digital partnership platforms and amicable networks.

This change of cunning within a BMW Group is also reflected in
a introduction of 3 serve apprenticeships with specialisations
in a fields of IT and electronics, as good as 15 twin Bachelor’s
programmes in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and
mathematics). The 27 existent occupations are also being continuously
practiced to destiny mandate and increasingly entrance calm such
as large data/data analytics, flexible work methods, addition manufacturing
processes, foundation and automation technology.